The MediShield Life Scheme to be implemented by the end of 2015 will save me from distress. As you know, Singapore is also not spared from the undesirable effects of the Global Economic Crisis started in 2007-2008Ö

My name is Thomas Lee, a Professional and Iím a father of 4 children taking care of my own parents and my parents-in-law. Due to the economic crisis, there is outflow of capital and investments out of Singapore and the two Casinos in Singapore made things worse as Businesses were made ďdisappearedĒ from our market. Now, Iím busying finding jobs and engage in other temporary assignments in order to feed my family. My beautiful wife is staying at home to take care of the children and run errands for my parents and in-laws when need arises. Practically, we are working hard to keep ourselves alive with the minimum savings we have.

We will let all the Singaporeans decide if all who are highly paid to boost the economy and attract investments to boost the jobs market are doing their jobs and being productive. To me the situation is worse than 2008 as I have never been in any permanent employment since 2010.

You see, Iím always worried about my elderly parents and parents-in-law, as my present financial situation does not allow me to engage any assistants to take care of them. But the MediShield Life Scheme came to save my pathetic situation. See the relevant Provisions in the MediShield Life Scheme Act 2015:

Pursuant to Part 3, Clause 15(1) All outstanding premiums imposed under this Act, and all sums due to the Fund, may be sued for and recovered by a recovery body in its own name by way of specially endorsed writ of summons. And

Part 3, Clause 16(6) A defaulter who, knowing that a direction has been issued under this section to prevent the defaulterís departure from Singapore, voluntarily leaves or attempts to leave Singapore without paying the outstanding premium or furnishing security to the recovery bodyís satisfaction for that payment ó

(a) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both; and

(b) may be arrested, without warrant, by any police officer or immigration officer.

Concerning the Demand note, see Part 3, Clause 11 of the 2015 Act.

This is what my Parents and Parents-in-law suggested to me and I think itís a good idea when cash is running low: Just default on the insurance payments and let the Authorities sent them to prison!

You see, the Prison in Singapore is better than any Nursing Home, they will need to make sure that all the inmates do not suffer physical and psychological harm and provide free vocational training to ensure that they will be useful when release from their terms. The Prison will provide good and nutritious food to the inmates & ensure that they have proper exercises every day. Free & good Medical treatments will be administered to them when necessary. The Singapore Government cares about their reputation; they cannot be seen to violate human rights and let the elderly inmates suffer damage inside the Prison.

My wise Parents and Parents-in-law suggested to me; just let them be sent to Prison and only allow them to be released when the Singapore economy picks up when we become prosper again! They tell me they will keep each other company and chit-chatting to avoid becoming senile! There is nothing to worry about as we can visit them every weekend.

What an excellent idea! But there is a problem now: If the Singapore economy is not picking up fast enough and there are a lot of inmates due to default in payment of the MediShield Life premiums, the Changi Prison will be too small, do you think itís time for the Government to build bigger Prisons? In order save space, it may be better to build them like the high rise condominiums. Perfect!


1 May 2015

See earlier records > see bottom page of Encouragements-549.




当我退休后,我已经退出保了!我得了一笔可观的钱,希望慢慢用!不必去拖累后代!我没想到今天的政府,把我打了一根斗!我老来便成一场空!我万万没想到目前的政府要施行这条法律,我讓大家決定這是否是有人性的表現? 目前人口老化!老人比起新生者,不知多了多少呢?




16/05/2015,11:00 SGT



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16 May 2015, 11:00 SGT