Important Note: Kindly be informed that with effect from 10 April 2019, we will not be using Twitter as we found out that a great part of our Tweets were being wiped out without prior notice. It is easy to guess who the “masterminds” are.

Presently, we are working to re-construct the important messages that we had posted in the Twitter Account which we abandoned on 10 April 2019. Thank you for your supports & we want to see you in your Beautiful Singapore! We love You!


We are a group of 836,112 Lovers of Singapore & have been actively encouraging all & promoting the Prosperity of the Nation with our own resources since May 2015.

We love all of Goodwill around the World & we welcome you to our Garden City for Business & Investment.


Contact email: LoveSingapore1965@yahoo.com

We will read all your emails but we may not be able to reply to each due to our busy work schedules. We will store all your emails each day & clear our inbox to prevent possible spying from the “masterminds”. All replies will be posted on this website with sender’s name & contacts omitted. Have a good day.



This webpage was first launched on 10 January 2018



Important updates are listed on top in red, all other updates are listed below including the newer ones. Thanks.


Important Updates: Last updated on 21 April 2019


Criminal Investigation Department, Singapore Police Force. Please check that the same incident does not happen to you. Latest!


Since May 2015, we have been compiling useful Findings on MediShield Life to share with all: Only the initial compilation is posted here. Reference: MediShield Life Scheme Act 2015.


Dear Visible Angels & Invisible Angels around the World, we invoke God’s protection & urgently need your prayers. See those “masterminds” are desperate to make 52% of us in Singapore without Full-time Jobs & make it impossible for us to help Jobs Seekers Worldwide! You decide if they are all out to kill us!

Dear Pope Benedict XVI & Pope Francis, you have our full support, please pray for us too.

Many thanks to All of You. We Welcome You to your Singapore!


Presently, the Full-time Jobs Participation Rate of Singapore is only 48%, while we & P65 are busy helping many in Singapore & others Worldwide to find jobs, those “masterminds” who can’t boost the Full-time Jobs Participation get Twitter to wipe off our Tweets to stop us from finding Jobs for ALL! Don’t you think they are wicked? See our extracted Tweets here:


Tweeted on 5 February 2019 (65 Retweets)

Dear #Goodwill around the World, Reply this Tweet if you're interested in any the Projects listed here. We want Professionals with #Integrity be our #Allies to work together.

You know #Singapore is small, we can't eat a "big pie" by ourselves! Let's share!

Welcome to #SG!

We Love You.


Tweeted on 28 December 2018 (98 Retweets)

We hope that with whatever work we do, we would be paid generously as we want to set up a Trust Fund to support our #Singapore #JobSeekers, to boost trade with ALL Friendly Nations & let #FullTime #JobsParticipation to surge over 90%. Thanks.

Welcome to beautiful #Singapore!


Tweets To ltaly Rulers on 2 January 2019

Dear Rulers of #Italy .@Quirinale .@GiuseppeConteIT , we know the way to help Repair / Rebuild your Bridges, Motorways for FREE/ with Far Below Cost if you have taken back the full ownership of these infrastructures.

#Singapore (77 Retweets)


We will do this on the condition that our men & #Singaporeans be employed in the Project Management. Please contact http://www.emmanuel-maria.com.sg/

if you are agreeable to this arrangement. Have a good day.

#Singapore (68 Retweets)


Tweets To UK’s Prime Minister on 8 March 2019


Dear Prime Minister .@theresa_may, We will tell you how the solve the EU immigration problem with NO cost (min cost) to the Govt if it is the main issue causing #Brexit; on the condition that you let us manage ALL construction projects to house immigrants. (40 Retweets)


We'll teach immigrants to boost UK’s GDP!

It would also be of #Singapore’s benefit if #UK remains in #EU as we want to set up Alternative HQs in UK to venture into EU markets!

Contact http://www.emmanuel-maria.com.sg/  if  this proposal is acceptable to you.

Have a good day. (39 Retweets)


Tweets to Pope Francis I on 4 February 2019

Dear .@Pontifex, shall we build a High Rise Hotel in the #Vatican City. We can help you to build for FREE/ below cost on the condition that #Singaporeans will supervise the Construction & will manage the Hotel upon completion. Funds$ will be fully managed by the #Pope's Office.

Please contact http://www.emmanuel-maria.com.sg/index.htm 



if you are agreeable to this. The #Pope's Fund can be used to house our #Refugees Brothers & Sisters & to train them as #Entrepreneurs to boost #Jobsmarket & for #Mission Works.

Sending you Joy & Goodwill from #Singapore!



Tweets to United States & Mexico from 28 December 2018 to 3 January 2019

Dear President @realDonaldTrump, we'll tell you how to build the Border Wall for FREE/minimum cost on the condition our men & #Singaporeans will supervise the Construction.

Contact http://www.emmanuel-maria.com.sg/index.htm  if this proposal is acceptable. Have a good day.

#US #Mexico   (87 Retweets)


Dear .@MayorSRB .@SenSchumer . @NancyPelosi .@TeamPelosi

Is #US still going to build Safe Border Wall with Doors/Gates to Friendly #Mexico? We can help to build FREE/ with minimum cost! See Thread for details.

Please contact us. Have a good day.   (81 Retweets)


.@SenateDems .@SenCoryGardner .@SenatorLankford .@SenTedCruz

.@RogerWicker .@SenatorKirk .@joniernst     

We've proposed to help building the #US - #Mexico Border Wall for FREE/ with Minimum Cost. See earlier Tweets.

Anyone interested?  (64 Retweets)


Dear President @lopezobrador_  , we need you to decide the locations where doors/gates should be installed at the Border Wall to facilitate trade between #Mexico & #US, as Friendly #US major concern is #BorderSecurity. We want you to be present in all discussions. Thanks.  (65 Retweets)




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