1. Criminal Investigation Department, Singapore Police Force harassed good & law-abiding business owner.

2. See another Police case to frame against the Innocent!

Please spread the News to help the innocent victims who commit no crime. Many Thanks.

Till this day, the harassment continues & there is no apology from the Rulers and no compensation paid for damages inflicted.

3. Please pray for this elderly Catholic Lady who has been victimised & harassed by their sister (also a Catholic) & her husband. Many Thanks. Latest updates!




Daily Blessings to You from Emmanuel Goh & Friends



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Text Box: “因为你求了这件事,而没有为你自己求长寿,也没有为你自己求富贵,也没有要求你的敌人的性命,单单为自己求了智慧,为能辨明正义。我必照你的话作,赏赐你一颗聪明智慧的心,在你以前没有像你的人,在你以后,也不会兴起一个像你的人。”  - 吾主上主  (列王记上 3: 10 - 12)
‘Since you have asked for this’ the Lord said ‘and not asked for long life for yourself or riches or the lives of your enemies, but have asked for a discerning judgement for yourself, here and now I do what you ask. I give you a heart wise and shrewd as none before you has had and none will have after you.’  (1 Kings 3: 10-12)