This is a Special Thank You Note sent by Ms Bridget & her Family.


The Patient Ms Bridget has just been discharged from the Hospital.  She & her Family want to express their gratitude to ALL of Goodwill who have come to the Hospital to visit her especially the Team of Holy Communion Ministers who came to give her Jesus when she was hospitalized.


The Lord is really Great & He has come to heal her quickly! Now she is recovering faster than everyone has expected!


Many Thanks to ALL of You! Your care & thoughtfulness made us feel the Lord Presence and you are really like Visible Angels!

Because of You, the World has become more beautiful!


Important Note: This is a paid Publication by the Family of Ms Bridget. The last name of the Patient & the name of the Hospital have been deliberately omitted to protect the privacy of the Patient as this webpage can be viewed by anyone around the World. Thanks.


Compiled on 22 March 2019