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Summary List of confirmed COVID-19 cases


Singapore Government Official COVID-19 Webpage

COVID-19 Worldwide update


Last updated: 2 April 2020

Webpage launched on 18 February 2020

Unl*wf*lly deducting tons$$$$ from your CPF using MediSheld Life (item 1)  & CareShield Life (item 11) & making Countless  JOBLESS (item 10) not enough! Now PAP Ruler handsome Desmond Lee (but less handsome than us!) wants to disburse the one-off Temporary Relief Fund of “peanuts” $500/- to each in need! Please register your NRIC to collect! They want to create a “beggars list” out from the smart Singaporeans? Take note, many Singaporeans tell us they love to make many who sought help “merry-go-round” first then finally receive NO HELP!

Dear Big Bullies, we don’t need your “peanuts”, please refund all being unl*wf*lly deducted from our CPF Medisave first!


Top News in Singapore on 26 March 2020:

Singapore will allocate additional $48 billion to combat COVID-19 (announced by FM & DPM Heng Swee Keat)

The Singaporeans are happy? Are you sure these are not empty promises except to benefit themselves & their Buddies? Tactics to lure you to vote for them only?

We know of qualified people who sought help from them more 10 years ago still not being helped & they finally managed to find jobs on their own! And there are many more who submitted for Skills Future Credit Claims of $500.00 each 2-3 years back, still have not get a single cent!

Let the Smart & Law-abiding Singaporeans decide if these People really want to help you:

– Giving your jobs to others (item 10),

- Want to impose on you “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail + Threat to sell your house” when you default on MediShield Life Premiums (item 1)

- Want to impose on you “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail” when you default on CareShield Life Premiums (item 11)

- Want to “forced entry, arrest without a warrant, to detain, search & criminalize etc.” (item 2)

See the comments by the People below this Yahoo News Report dated 26 March 2020.

Dear Friends, You can’t expect those who are already br*inde*d to give you any good jobs! Let’s brace up & be courageous! Time of crisis is Time of opportunities! It’s time that you start-up a Business & sell via e-commerce. We will help you in the marketing too! Here’s the FREE Consultations to help you to prosper!


Did you see Prime Minister Lee appearing on CNN TV News on 29 March 2020 around 22:10 SGT to let CNN Fareed Zakaria interview him: “Lessons from Singapore COVID-19 Response”? Did you see Some People busy heaping self-praise on himself & his team? Can anyone of you be convinced that it is not a paid interview to market oneself in the Global stage? Fast surging COVID-19 cases & 4 deaths! What lesson to learn from him? They can only teach you how to boost the COVID-19 Imported & Local Transmitted cases based on the facts happening in Singapore now & stated below! Fail to contain the COVID-19 in Singapore but still busy marketing oneself in the Global Stage? Isn’t it shameless? You decide! Want to vote for Such People in the General Election? The smart Singaporeans are NO fools!


All our Friends around the World please take note:

In view of the fast rising COVID-19 imported cases recently, the Singapore Government will enforce this starting from 23 March 2020, 23:59 SGT: No entry or transit through Singapore for all short-term visitors, with limited entry for work pass holders.

We welcome All “COVID-19 FREE” Goodwill to the Garden City Singapore when we open our borders again! In the mean time, let’s work on something useful to sell via the Internet, we have arranged for Twitter Account @Michael65413248 to retweet you to help you to boost sales – your information will reach the millions of us when he retweets & we will have many others to market for you too! Please stay in good health until we meet again! We love You!


These webpages are created for ALL the Goodwill to check on the status of the COVID-19 which has entered Singapore earlier. We have summarised the confirmed cases for your easy reference. With these, we are showcasing to the World how well the Singapore PAP Government has done their part to contain the virus.

When Some People can tell us including the World how MediShield Life (Item 1), CareShield Life (item 11) , Casinos & Online Gambling (item 9) etc... are good for us & busy promoting them, & worst of all; they continue harassing Good Citizens (item 3), then you know why we need to work 24/7 to repair the damage to ensure that Singapore & our Allies will prosper!



See the People’s comments below the various Yahoo news reports  dated 1 April (74 new cases; hit 1000 mark), 31 March (47 new cases),  31 March (Wrong path in fighting COVID-19?), 31 March (NUS), 30 March (35 new cases), 29 March (42 new cases), 29 March (Case 109 died), 28 March (70 new cases), 27 March (49 new cases), 26 March (52 new cases), 25 March (73 new cases), 25 March (tears), 25 March (LW), 24 March (49 new cases), 23 March (58 new cases), 22 March (Visitors), 22 March (23 new cases), 21 March (47 new cases), 21 March (Cases 90 & 212 died), 20 March (40 new cases), 19 March (32 new cases), 18 March (47 new cases), 17 March 2020 (23 new cases) & 16 March 2020 (17 new cases).  


Total number of COVID-19 Confirmed cases = 1000

Total number of Discharged cases = 245

Deaths = 4

Discharged to Isolation = 291

Hospitalised (Stable) = 437

Hospitalised (Critical) = 23

Let’s pray that they will quickly recover. Many Thanks.

See our excellent Healthcare Professionals & Workers, so many patients have discharged! You have made Singapore Proud! Many Thanks!

You see how the Big Bullies contain the COVID-19, it seems that their brains & capabilities can’t match up to their fat salaries.  The COVID-19 now enters into a “bull market” in Singapore & they still encourage ALL the Healthy not to wear facemasks while walking around! Dear Big Bullies, please buy up all the COVID-19 stock!

Dear Daddy God our Creator, do you think it is better to let ALL the COVID-19 congregate and have parties in the Big Bullies’ big residences then they will know how to contain it? Let the evil revert back to the wicked please. Many Thanks.

You now look at the number of cases which we highlighted in red: The Big Bullies & their Police Officers are still unable to identify the COVID-19 sources that made these discharged Patients sick in the first place! You see how good they are when they come to harassing Law-abiding citizens (see item 3). Is their KPI negative? You decide! 8-D


Updates on 25 March –2 April 2020

“Please do not wear Facemask unless you are sick!” – This is the message of the PAP Government to all residing in Singapore! Remember what Prime Minister Lee said here.

But it seems that Heaven refuses to cooperate with him & them & let the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases shooting up every day as Lee encourages ALL the Healthy NOT to wear facemasks.

Many Thanks to SnapShot for the prompt comments on Yahoo News dated 28 March 2020, we have extracted here: “For those who are still having doubts whether wearing mask can help to reduce the risk of catching the virus, here’s a video featuring Professor Kim Woo-Ju from Korea University Guro Hospital specialize in Infectious Diseases. He has 30 years experience in the field and also handled diseases like SARS, MERS, AIDS, Ebola and 2009 flu pandemic. For those who only interested in his opinion on mask, please skip to 15:50.



Listen to this audio & you see who has been calling the People “idiots” in his heart, finally he said it loud to Business Leaders in a close-door meeting before 16 February 2020! Yet he wants the “idiots” to support & vote for him in the coming General Election so that he can be the next Deputy Prime Minister!

Dear Big Bullies & Monsters, now let the “idiots” help you to do FREE marketing & tell the World how you have been throwing Tr*sh items 1-13 at us even long before the COVID-19 first entered Singapore! You think we can be so ignorant & continue to stupidly support you & send you to Parliament later! NO WAY!

Let the “idiots” whom you labelled as “stupid” tell you now: There is no shortage of facemasks if you encourage the people to use the fabric ones & left the Surgical Masks for Health Workers! The “idiots” will also remember how you refused to prepare the People when you raised the DORSCON Level from yellow to orange causing a chaotic Mass Buying Spree and let many deprived of essential needs those few days! You would not have created such a mess if you are truly wise!

Dear Beloved Smart Singaporeans, please vote for them in the coming General Election if you are happy to be labelled as “idiots” for the rest of your lives & be treated as such by them forever! Many Thanks.


Updates on 21 March—2 April 2020

Who is busy self-marketing now?

Do you see DPM Heng Swee Keat has been appearing on the  Singapore TV Channels advertisements round the clock?

Budget 2020 to give you the many goodies? Some People can say anything they like! Now please check how much$$$$$$ have been deducted from your CPF Medisave since 2015 with the unknown coverage MediShield Life (item 1) & later CareShield Life (item 11) too; and you will know $$$$$$ automatically flow out from your CPF! You will be lucky if you can get back a fraction of what  have been deducted from your CPF Medisave! (Budget 2020?)

While United States is giving out cash to US Citizens, you see what disgraceful $$$$$$Grabbing actions are happening in Singapore now; especially when it is done against the Jobless but useful Singapore Citizens!

Can you still love them?


Top News in Singapore dated 29 March 2020: Case 109 died due to the COVID-19 Virus, see the comment of the People below the report here! See earlier news dated 21 March 2020: Case 90 & Case 212 died due to COVID-19 too! May they rest in peace… See the reactions of the People below the Yahoo report here.

Dear PAP Rulers, we will have these credited into your Account & we will never forgive you for that!

Can anyone expect any good from Jokers when they run the Government?

Now they created the record of 3 deaths due to this deadly COVID-19! See more below…

When funds were/are running low, they legalized Gambling operations with Casinos & online Gambling (see item 9) and they created MediShield Life (see item 1) & CareShield Life (see item 11) to deduct tons$$$$$$$$ from  our CPF Medisave Accounts even from those who are jobless! Till this day they refused to commit in hard copy writing on the coverages for premiums paid since 2015! See more tr*sh items 1-13!

Even after the COVID-19 being declared as “pandemic” by the WHO, they still advised ALL not to wear facemasks unless they are sick & made this into a 24/7 TV Advertisement! The real reason behind this is there is not enough stock for facemasks! Those who have brains will encourage the People to wear washable fabric facemasks instead & left the Surgical Facemasks for Health Workers, this will definitely reduce the chances of local transmission! But they persisted in their wicked ways to encourage ALL the healthy not to wear masks causing the local transmissions to spike!

Really Washable Facemasks? Yes, you can find them selling at many places in Singapore at SGD 1.00- 5.00 each, especially at the morning markets!

Dear Beloved Goodwill in Singapore, please sew the Facemasks  yourself & wear them if you don’t buy. We want you to live a long, happy & healthy life as we want to see you everyday and we may work together later!

See the videos on how to make Facemasks:





Those Jokers raised the DORSCON Level from yellow to orange on 7 February 2020 without preparing the People for it & caused a huge mess of chaotic & frantic mass buying in Singapore, causing hardships to many who deprived of what they need!

Dear Big Bullies, do you need us to cite more cases! Others can be found here too!

General Election now? The People will then give you an immediate answer on how they grade you for ALL your “????” works to make Singapore Happy & Prosperous!



“So with larger numbers, the sensible thing will be to hospitalise only the more serious cases, and encourage those with mild symptoms to see their family GP and rest at home – isolate themselves. This way, we focus resources on the seriously ill, speed up our response time, and hopefully, minimise the number of fatalities.” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, 12 March 2020       

See the reactions of the People below the Yahoo News report here!

“rest at home-isolate themselves”? Contradictory Statement! This is only possible when you live alone! To avoid getting infected, do other family members need to live outside the house or at the HDB Corridors! 8-D

Dear Big Bullies, you refuse to live in the HDB Flats that you have designed & constructed as they are too small (see item 6)! Now you want to have the COVID-19 Patient isolated at home! That’s how you are making life difficult for us! Where are the tons of $$$$$$$$ that you deducted from our CPF using MediShield Life (item 1) & CareShield Life (item 11) against our wishes?  Tons of $$$$$ have been collected but you are unable/ refuse to house the “mild” Patients in the Hospital! Well, since you are in power, you can do anything to abuse & oppress us!

Dear smart Singaporeans, we will obey & do as he says & let the Patients be isolated at home! We will then shift out & live at the beautiful 6-star “Free Hotel” Changi Airport Jewel! When we sleep under the Trees at night, we can see the stars too! The Changi Airport is definitely 100% free of COVID-19 as the Singapore Government cares about their reputation & they will do everything to maintain the good name!

With the Goodies 1-13 given to us, you want to vote for them in the coming General Election?



Someone says that the COVID-19 comes & exposes the inherent flaws of the Rulers! Do you agree?

Start the journey of investigating & conduct Checks & Balances on what our excellent PAP Rulers & MPs have done to contain COVID-19:

Summary List of confirmed COVID-19 cases




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