Updates on 29 April 2019

From the Publisher:

Based on the facts presented (see below), we will let the World decide if the actions of the CID Police Officers amount to “harassment, causing alarm & distress” under Sections 3 & 4 of Chapter 256A Protection from Harassment Act!

Although the Prime Minister’s Office was informed about these incidents on 18 April 2019, but till this day no apology is given & no compensation paid to the Witness for the damages she has suffered!

Is the Witness being protected by Basic Human Rights in Singapore? Without any speculations, you may already know who the “masterminds” are!

Welcome to Singapore!


Summary Updates by an anonymous insider:

The Tweets of the Singaporeans LS1965, P65 & M15 might have offended the “masterminds”, so they arranged the CID Police Officers to paste the Notice on the Witness Company Entrance with many phone calls on 4 April 2019 (later another Letter was pasted at her Company Entrance on 16 April 2019). When the 1.3 million Singaporeans knew about this, massive tweets were sent out to the World to inform all starting from 4 April 2019! Twitter was notified (by the “masterminds”?) & wiped off many other Tweets including what the “masterminds” intended to use as evidence against the 1.3 million on 10 April 2019! The 1.3 million now made ALL their Tweets “Private”!

Can the CID Police Officers find evidence on “harassment, causing alarm & distress” against the “masterminds”? More accurately, should it be said to be against the People?

See the Laws passed in Singapore below! Will you get furious when your Rulers do these to you? Same for the 1.3 million too!

- MediShield Life Scheme Act 2015.

- Income Tax (Amendment) Bill (Passed): New Sections 65F to 65K empowers the Comptroller to forced entry, arrest without a warrant, to detain, search & criminalize etc. See page 87 onwards.

- Films Act: Sections 23, 34, 36 & 37 on related search, seize & arrest.

- Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act 2018 (GST):

New amended Sections 83E to 83J on provisions “to arrest without a warrant under certain circumstances, entry, search & seize” etc..


Do you think this is the 1st time the CID Police Officers doing these to a law-abiding Singapore Citizen? Base on their “seasoned” behaviours, you decide! If we don’t expose this case, countless others may be their victims in future!

It’s getting so interesting! Welcome to Singapore to watch the “drama”!


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Note from Publisher:

This is an Unpaid Publication. The content of this publication is checked to be from the real source. The names of the Witness & all related to her have been omitted to protect her privacy. Thanks.


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