The discharged patient Ms Goh C. K. , NRIC: SXXXX809C and her family would like to express their gratitude to:


a) The Surgical Team who operated on her on 12 March 2019,


b) The Medical Team who took good care of her in Ward 27, Bed 18 (12-17 March 2019) &


c) The Nurses who took good care of her in Ward 43, Bed 36 (17-22 March 2019).


Many Thanks! May God bless you & grant you Success in all your endeavours.



Important Note: This is a paid Publication by the Family of Ms Goh. The full name of the Patient & the name of the Hospital have been deliberately omitted to protect the privacy of the Patient as this webpage can be viewed by anyone around the World. Thanks.


Compiled on 23 March 2019