How to provide quality FREE Housing for the Migrants in Greece?


See this report dated 27 November 2019.

Channel News Asia, please change the Title of your Report & make it more diplomatic. You should mention “Generous Greece”. Thanks. (Commented by LS1965 & P65)


We thank our Creator for revealing to us the Solution on how to build/repair/rebuild the migrant housing FREE / Far below Cost.


This article will be sent via a tweet from @Michael65413248  on 9 December 2019 (SGT) to the relevant Parties who have been so helpful and generous to find ways to house the Migrants. Many Thanks to All of you, because you exist, the World has become more beautiful.


We will reveal the Solution to the European Union, Greece and related Parties on the condition that they let us and our Allies manage the Projects with the Greece Professionals before, during and after construction (to ensure quality work-done) and other claims/payments matters to ensure precious funds are not being wasted in possible over-payments.


Daily Blessings to You from Emmanuel Goh & Friends new!


Kindly note that everything listed here are not Offer but only Proposal (subject to contract).


These are what we propose now:

1. Incoming Funds for the works should be managed by the ECB (?). We are concerned about the safe-keeping of these funds in order to make prompt payments to the Contractors and all who are to involve in the Projects.

2. Who should contract with the Contractors to do the work should be decided by the EU Commission and the Greece Government.

3. We suggest that the Migrants Housing to be built high-rise to save space within the Territory of Generous Greece. Only Contractors whose business addresses are located in the EU Member States are qualified to tender for the Projects. To qualify for the award of the Project, the Contractor needs to have minimum 80% of his workforce as EU Member States Citizens. This is to ensure that with these work, we can boost the Jobs Participation Rate within the European Union.

4. We will manage the completed Housing with Greece Professionals to ensure proper maintenance and repairs so that EU will never suffer loss should the Flats be sold in the resale market later when the Migrants don’t need them.

5. The Greece Government to provide safe lodging for us when we are working on these projects.

6. Security during Construction and after the Migrants shift in upon completion will be provided by the Greece Government.

7. Ownership of the Flats will be decided by the EU Commission and the Greece Government.

8. We will facilitate in the training of Migrants to become competent Entrepreneurs to make them contribute to the GDP growth of Greece and the EU.

9. We may also help the EU Member States to build low cost but good quality Housing to improve the lives of our EU Brothers & Sisters and let these housing sell like “hot cakes”!


Please contact us (during office hours) if you are agreeable to the above mentioned as all of us work hard to solve this problem together. Thanks.


Written by: Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP & the Singaporeans on 9 December 2019.



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