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2 May 2019: See the Laws drafted by H*** S*** K**t & have them passed in Parliament:

- Income Tax (Amendment) Bill (Passed): New Sections 65F to 65K empowers the Comptroller to forced entry, arrest without a warrant, to detain, search & criminalize etc. See page 87 onwards.

- Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act 2018 (GST):

New amended Sections 83E to 83J on provisions “to arrest without a warrant under certain circumstances, entry, search & seize” etc..

Break In / Forced Entry? Don’t worry! Be Happy!

Get your mobile phone / video recorder ready for recording! Once they dash in, start recording & upload to YouTube, Facebook or other social media etc.! Email to us the hyperlinks & we will help you to circulate around the World!

Welcome to Singapore to see!


Singapore Introduced: Protection from Harassment (Amendment) Bill

Please see compilation on important provisions.

Sending You Peace, Love & Joy now!

Welcome to Singapore!

(Compiled on 1 May 2019, 15:50 (SGT))


27 April 2019:

See what has been happening in Singapore since May 2015 here: M15, LS1965 & P65 & check if they are fake news! Please verify based on the Government Documents that we have hyperlinked to or other Government Documents you can access to!

Dear Smart Singaporeans, Now we are busy repairing the damage & finding ways to boost FDIs into Singapore & the Fulltime Jobs Participation Rate! Let’s cooperate & help each other for we are Brothers & Sisters regardless of race & religion!

Let’s be patient, the next General Election must happen before 15 January 2021. You should know what to do next!

Let’s WELCOME the World to our Beautify Garden City Singapore!


25 April 2019:

See this Mr S. Iswaran Video has been repeated on Bloomberg TV 24/7. Really “Free Speech continues unfettered”? See what has already started on 4 April 2019!

Dear Friends around the World, do you name this as “Persecution”?

PAP Government, just asking a question to the World! No Defamation here!


Since May 2015, we have been compiling useful Findings on MediShield Life to share with all: Only the initial compilation is posted here. Reference: MediShield Life Scheme Act 2015.



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