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4. Became obstacles to us when we were looking for Jobs Opportunities for Job Seekers (updated on 9 February 2020)

When those “Monsters” arranged to have our Twitter Accounts suspended on 10 April 2019, they also made it impossible for us to tweet to other World Leaders to help Job Seekers to find work, see here  which we enjoyed many Retweets from Friends around the World!

You decide if these “Monsters” are really wicked, they could not provide work for the People and we took the initiative to do it FREE to benefit ALL but they chose to cut off this avenue! You decide if they want us dead!


Need to stay for FREE in Singapore? Best place to go is Changi Airport “Jewel”! It’s better than any 6-Star hotel in the World! Never squat anywhere outside as we are concerned about your safety!

Google Translate is here. 8-D


5. Are you still finding a suitable job?

See here: How to boost Jobs Participation Rate? new!


Updates on 18 January 2020

Wow, 60,000 jobs created from 2015 –2018 & 80% filled by Singaporeans as reported by Mr Chan Chun Sing on 16 January 2020: see CNA, Straits Times & Yahoo News<-see the interesting reactions of the People! 8-D

“80%” looks familiar! Did they copy from here or there?

Dear Singaporeans, you decide if these are Fake News! We know of Fake Jobs in the JobsBank & Fake Tenders in the GeBiz Portal, Fake News is just a “micro” matter for Some People! Every wickedness will be exposed! The Singaporeans are NOT stupid!


Updates on 16 January 2020

Unable to create quality Jobs for the People, so they want to impose “Stiffer penalties for employers with discriminatory hiring practices…” (announced by Mrs Josephine Teo on 14 January 2020) We will leave this to those affected to comment.

You decide if those “You know who” should be punished first by awarding a long list of Public Projects without ensuring that at least 50% of total Projects Workforce are Singaporeans & left many Singaporeans unemployed (see item 10)!

Dear Big Bullies, you can say “A-Z” to tell the World that you are doing work, but the Full-Time Jobs Participation Rate has remained at 48% since 2015, or is it worse now? We want to see your Productivity but not just appearing on TV to advertise yourselves!

You see, they only seem to do work & listen to the People when the General Election is approaching! After the General Election in 2015, they became our Oppressors (see items 1-13 below)! History will repeat itself, want to vote for them again?

You decide if the best way to make those “You know who” work is to make the General Election more frequent! 8-D

Do you think they should be treated with the “carrot & stick method to ensure that they won’t oppress us? 8-D

Dear Big Bullies, you have the power to act, but we will make you pay for it if you foolishly make our beloved & happy Singapore unattractive for FDIs and local investments! So think carefully before you act!


Updated on 14 January 2020:

Year on year, electronic exports shrank by 24.2 per cent in July, following the 31.9 per cent drop in June, while non-electronic exports dipped by 6.6 per cent in July …

Singapore Factory output plunged in August 2019 by the most in almost 4 years...

Singapore factory outlook falls to 3-year low in September 2019

Singapore has not entered a recession yet; govt keeping close eye - Indranee Thurai Rajah

SINGAPORE'S non-oil domestic exports (NODX) fell for an eighth straight month in October, posting a 12.3%  year-on-year drop, according to figures released by Enterprise Singapore.

See the Singapore Manufacturing PMI from May to November 2019; below 50 means contraction!

Singapore's November exports fall 5.9% in 9th straight month of decline.

Singapore factory output posts 9.3% drop in November 2019.

Singapore Retail sales fall for 10th straight month (reported on 11 January 2020)

What you will see next will be retrenchment! Do you see those Highest Paid “You know who” continue to Do NOTHING to mitigate the damage? Are they sleeping on it? Let’s be united & work harder to promote the Singapore Brand & help our Allies to sell too!


Updates on 14 December 2019:

The Unemployment Rate is only 2.3%! Really? Look here, the Full-time Jobs Participation Rate in Singapore is still 48% and situation may be getting worse as many self-employed are not able to find work!

So now you know why the PAP Government never reports the Full-time Jobs Participation! When Some People refuse to use their charm to attract FDIs and boost local investments, how can we expect good Jobs Participation Rate? Or they have lost their charm in the International market?

Dear “You know who”, if you still determine to make the People hate you by failing/refusing to boost Jobs Participation Rate and continue to GRAB $$$$ from us using MediShield Life (item 1) and later with CareShield Life (item 11), NO ONE can guarantee that you won’t end up “close shop” & being chased out by the People!


Updates on 24 November 2019

Dear Daddy God, Creator of the Universe,

  See the recent working visit of the Singapore Rulers to Mexico. We love Mexico too. As you can recall, the SG Rulers have many such working visits to other parts of the World and signing many Trade Deals. But the more they do these, the more capital outflow, more people in SG getting retrenched and now the Full-Time Job Participation Rate has fallen to 48% for years. Some people are just not interested to ensure that the Singaporeans are working on quality jobs and be happy. Working Visits? Or using Public Funds to enjoy themselves, further their own agenda and that of their buddies to enrich themselves only? The Full-time Jobs Participation Rate shows ALL! Will the Full-Time Jobs Participation Rate fall to zero?

  Please plunder them & help us to get the funds back. We beg You to give us Righteous Rulers and help us to overturn the entire situation in this coming General Election. We promise to do good always and walk in Your Way. Many Thanks.


Updated on 19 November 2019

Can someone please report on the Jobs Participation Rate of Fresh Graduates from the Singapore Universities and Polytechnics?

Here’s what Mrs Josephine Teo said and reported: Jobs Mismatches rising in Singapore

CNA, The Online Citizen, The Independent

If our graduates still remain as Jobseekers, we will let them and the World comment if what they studied in the Universities or Polytechnics are irrelevant to the Market demands! Or the Singapore Government has made them wasted money to study something out-dated so the Government needs to pump in more foreign talents? See what Mr Chan Chun Sing said below.

Obviously, the new technology developments are quick but don’t you think the Highest Paid Singapore Rulers need to be sharper than anyone of us to know what will happen next (to match their highest pay) to adapt new courses to suit the Market or do you think “some People” expect that the Market must suit them and have been sleeping on it?


These are the facts reported!

Does the facts reflected that each of them has been closing both eyes? You decide if they only open their eyes on what stated below!

The Highest Paid Unwise are so busy with unlawful deductions on MediShield Life Premiums, Casinos & Online Gambling that they have Failed/ Refused to boost Singapore’s economy! They can’t even plough back enough revenue to support Singapore’s Economy with their Gambling operations!

Now the Full-time Jobs Participation Rate is below 50%!


We will let the World decide if the Highest Paid Unwise are already running out of bullets to boost the economy or they are already “brain de*d”! 8-D

We hate them for causing this damage and now we can confirm that we would be better off WITHOUT THEM!


See the Government’s Reactions:

A. From Mrs Josephine Teo:

Josephine Teo explains: no, raising retirement age doesn’t mean Singaporeans will be forced to work longer

Did you see Mrs Josephine Teo busy  appearing in TV News on 23 August 2019 explaining the above-mentioned?

Do you think the Singapore Government is using this to appear busy only?  See how the Singapore exports had plunged? Now the problem is NOT Retirement Age! When your Employer “close shop”, you will be retrenched regardless of your age! NOT Retirement!

Dear Rulers, we remind you again, now the full-time Jobs Participation Rate in Singapore is BELOW 50%!

Dear Singapore Rulers, please show us your X-Factor in boosting FDIs into Singapore to drive up your Tax Income & our Jobs Participation, if the Singaporeans still unable to work on quality jobs before the General Election before 15 January 2021, we will let all decide if PAP will end up “close shop”!

Do you know each of these Singapore Rulers is paid at least 3-4 times the pay of United States President Trump?

Dear smart Singaporeans, do you think they should show that kind of “brains & result” to match their pay?


B. From Mr Chan Chun Sing:

Foreign talent issue can be 'easily stirred up' but vital for Singapore: Chan Chun Sing

See the reactions from the People

Read the Articles & you decide if the Singapore Rulers are leaving out the Singaporeans knowing fully well that now the Singapore Full-time Jobs Participation Rate is less than 50%! Do they intend to sleep on this & make us poorer & with more unlawful MediShield Life Premium deductions?

Dear Singapore Rulers, Are you telling us that the Singaporeans are unfit for the jobs? We remind you now that they are graduates from the Singapore Universities and Institutions! We will let the People decide if these institutions can only produce graduates unfit for the Singapore Economy according to the Rulers’ Standards & wasting our money?

The Rulers say we are unfit for the Jobs! We will let the People decide if they are unfit as Rulers!  Each of these Rulers are paid more than 3-4 times the salary of United States President Trump, can you see any improvement to the Singapore Economy with their governing?


PAP Government’s Jobs Solution:

It is a known fact that more than 50% of the Singaporeans are not working full-time!

See the PAP Government Jobs Portal to help you to find work here: https://www.jobsbank.gov.sg/

We have been monitoring the jobs listed in the JobsBank for years and there was one time many jobs were listed with many requirements, but the Recruiting Companies were unknown and no contact listed! Why? You decide if those jobs listed then were Fake!

Kindly check the jobs listed and don’t get conned by wasting time to apply for Fake Jobs! We love you and want you to succeed!

Now, no one knows the take-up rates for the jobs listed! Some of the Rulers said we were not qualified / unfit for the jobs & need to upgrade! Obviously, we need to upgrade but “Some People” have been driving out FDIs and causing many Businesses to “close shop” with their gambling operations, you decide if the Universities and Institutions are unfit to train you for the jobs or the Rulers are unfit for attracting FDIs to boost Jobs Participation Rate!

See this article and you decide if it is still applicable now:

National Jobs Bank: More tightening, but no statistics?


When you are distressed finding ways to pay your bills and repay your mortgage loans, you now see for yourselves what the Singapore Rulers have been doing?


Daily Blessings to You from Emmanuel Goh & Friends





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