Updates on 26 May 2019

We now highlight the important fact that the informant here & the Witness in the earlier case are family members.


Dear Masterminds,

1. Don’t go after the wrong persons if you want to come after us! We know you hate us for highlighting these Laws of oppression passed in the Singapore Parliament (see Updates on 18 April 2019, 9:50pm) but this doesn't warrant you to nail other innocent parties!

2. Now there are at least 1.5 million of us & steadily increasing each day. Don’t tell us you still can’t locate at least one of us with your sophisticated Intelligence! We are your Followers in social medias! Come & catch us! Now the whole World knows who you are & you still dare to find ways to inflict damage on innocent parties!

3. Don’t you think you should repair the damage first? We won’t do anything to you but we can’t guarantee the “Robin Hoods” that exist in this World won’t too!


Welcome to Singapore to see the upcoming Real “Robin Hoods” show!


Updates on 25 May 2019 (Edited on 29 May 2019)

The elderly informant stated in the Police Report informed her bank DBS on 24 May 2019 and the Manager of the Bank confirmed with her the following:

The Bank was never informed of any wrongful transaction concerning her account:

The transfer of the money (SGD 500 on 26 December 2018 & SGD 500 on 31 January 2019) was likely to be done at Payer’s Bank Counter as it was indicated as “Fast Payment / Receipt” which means that “money was transferred from another bank to the informant’s DBS account” & there is no need for the Bank, including DBS Bank to check the identity of the Payer. DBS Bank informed the informant that only the Payer’s Bank know the identity of the Payer & they can arrange for the payment to be refunded easily!


Based on the facts above, you decide if the Payer has been acting with bad faith, this matter actually can be solved by interbank transfer easily but he did not allow it to happen! We were informed that the Payer even stated in his report to the Police that the informant refused to refund the money after the Bank contacted her! But in fact, no Bank has contacted the informant & DBS Bank is not aware of this at all. We suspected that the Payer had never informed the Bank concerning the wrongful transfer because these were deliberate acts. Can you believe that the Payer’s Bank can be so negligent as not to arrange for DBS to contact the informant concerning wrongful transfer of money? This is grossly NEGLIGENT if they didn’t!


The informant’s DBS bank account number is unknown to all except herself, DBS Bank & the Singapore PAP Government, we will let the World decide who is the “mastermind” behind this “drama”!


We support the decision of the elderly informant that the refund of the money should be done by cheque to be delivered to the Payer herself in order to know who exactly this person is! Don’t you think the following strange?

- Why the Payer takes such a long time to discover the wrongful transfers in May 2019 as the actual transfer of money had taken place in December 2018 & January 2019!

- Why the Payer refused to solve this matter easily by inter-bank money transfer but instead chose to report this matter to the Police insisting that the informant refused to refund the money after the Bank notified her but in fact the informant’s DBS Bank is not aware of this at all?


We let the World decide if this is a plot to criminalise the innocent elderly informant!


One can choose to make mistakes but you should not let your mistakes cause suffering & hardship to others! Don’t you agree?


Till this day the elderly informant has been forced to endure the repeated calls from the Police Diana (Tel: +65 62447513, +65 81803474) from the Bedok Police Station, search through her bank records & make report at the Police Station to defend herself that she is NOT a thief! The informant’s family members have also spent many hours finding ways to defend the innocent informant!


We will let the World decide if the “mastermind” behind this wants to drive her to an early death!


We cannot let this same incident happen in Singapore again as the Payer who made the mistake of wrongful transfer can sit at home & relax & the person who wrongly received the money running around to make good the damage; suffers distress & hardship for FREE! Don’t you think this is utterly Unjust & also a complete waste of precious human resources?


Welcome to Singapore to see “live” persecution drama!


Updates on 24 May 2019

Singapore: Your enemy refused to commit any crime but you want to nail this person? How? See the innovative tactic to charge an innocent citizen to be a thief: First, you bank in a sum into your enemy’s bank account. After a few months you report to the Police, informing the Police that the Bank has informed your enemy of wrongful transaction & your enemy refused to repay the wrongful transacted sum!

Get the Police involved too or has the Police always been involved?


We will continue with a thorough investigation ourselves & see if this is persecution! Remember to see our updates!

It’s so interesting! Welcome to Singapore to see!

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Note from Publisher:

This is an Unpaid Publication by LS1965 & P65. The content of this publication is checked to be from the real source. The names of the Informant & all related to her have been omitted to protect her privacy. Thanks.