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This is the Publication by LS1965 & P65.

Dear Friends, this webpage & the related was found hacked and turned BLANK on 1 May 2020, 5:50 SGT. This is the 5th hacked incident (see the earlier related incidents)! You should know who are the masterminds behind this!


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Latest Updates!

The Singapore General Election has been confirmed on 10 July 2020, but the People have NOT received the Polling cards on 30 June 2020! The Big Bullies want to stop us from voting? See more here. See the People’s comments extracted! 8-D

We have listed what our Good Friends have been giving us in the past & now in our General Election Webpage! Please vote wisely!

What are the tricks the Wicked play to win the General Election? New!


BIG News! NOT Singapore General Election yet but Bloggers went MISSING! Click to see who!


Comments of the People on the coming General Election are here.


See more later updates in Page 1a.


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Status of COVID-19 in Singapore Daily updates!

Dumping the difficult tasks of combating & containing the COVID-19 to the Singapore Health Workers, you see what they have been doing:

Good News for the Singapore President Halimah Yacob, PAP Rulers & MPs, the CareShield Life “Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail” (item 11) against the People is now in Full-Operation besides the MediShield Life (item 1 below)! Congratulations! The World can decide if this is the most innovative $$$$Grabbing Technique! Welcome to Singapore to see live!

Some People can only boast that they are scholars; yes, can study ONLY! But when it comes to real life problems; when Funds are running LOW, they have absolutely NO idea how to solve it, so they use an “effective & fast” method by legalizing $$$$$Grabbing against us (many are jobless thanks to them)! Wicked? The World please decide! Thanks.

Our Creator, those Monsters who commit so many sins against us aren’t afraid of You or cancer/stroke, they are now afraid of the COVID-19! Do You think it would be excellent to let this COVID-19 stick onto them from head to toe? All of us will dance, clap & celebrate! 8-D


Updates on 10-21 March 2020

Do you see DPM Heng Swee Keat has been appearing on the  Singapore TV Channels advertisements round the clock?

Budget 2020 to give you the many goodies? Some People can say anything they like! Now please check how much$$$$$$ have been deducted from your CPF Medisave since 2015 with the unknown coverage MediShield Life (item 1) & later CareShield Life (item 11) too; and you will know $$$$$$ automatically flow out from your CPF! You will be lucky if you can get back a fraction of what  have been deducted  from your CPF Medisave! (Budget 2020?)

Can you still love him & them?


Who are the PAP Rulers & MPs giving us the Items below (1-13 goodies) starting from 1994-95?

See all their names listed in the Top Right corners when you click on each of the following, they need to “cooperate” with the PAP Rulers unless they want to get kicked out of the PAP Party under the Government Whips (see Item 12 too):

8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th Parliaments of Singapore

Please remember their names & “good deeds” forever as we welcome the whole World to read & verify!

You decide if some people are really 变态,正经事不做,忙着虐待人民!Google Translate is here. 8-D

Aren’t they afraid that the cancer and/or stroke may come back to them again? Sickness in the soul always leads to physical sickness and will cause an early death! 8-(

Do you know how people can end up st*p*d?

For perverse thoughts separate people from God, and when His power is tested, it exposes the foolish; because wisdom will not enter a deceitful soul, or dwell in a body enslaved to sin. (Wisdom 1:3-4) Fantastic! 8-D


NEW! (published on 28-29 February 2020)

Look at this Bloomberg article (By Philip J. Heijmans) published by Yahoo SG, see how they sang Some SG Top Wicked Fellows praises. Can you believe that it is not paid for? Earlier we have requested Bloomberg & Yahoo to report on the “1-13 goodies” but there is no response, it only shows how $$$$$$$$$$$ can let the Wicked “sugar-coat” their evil deeds to make them appear praiseworthy around the World. Thanks to ALL who have colluded with the Wicked, justice is denied and the World is darkened!

Now we need Sponsors to help us to have these goodies 1-13 published for the World to see; especially the Singaporeans. We will definitely repay your kindness. Many thanks.


Want to engage Professional Services smarter than the Singapore Government Intelligence? Contact the Publisher. 8-D

We will let the World decide if we are smarter than the Singapore Government Intelligence! Thank God, since April 2015, the Big Bullies are still unable to track us down for telling the Truth; even they had arranged for Twitter to suspend our Accounts on 10 April 2019! Our Creator tells us NOT to be stupid as to leave traces in the Internet, our emails, phone conversations or messages! Want to catch us? Increase your Police Force to over 1.6 million men/women? Fantastic! Can boost Jobs Participation Rate! A serious problem: We are more law-abiding than the Big Bullies and their Police Officers, thus we should police them instead! 8-D

The Singapore Government will shut down first (No $$$?) before they are able to catch us! COME NOW! 8-D

不能自我管理还敢治国管人,真是不要脸!see Google Translate 8-D


Latest! (24-26 January 2020)

Look here: the Singapore Manufacturing PMI from May to November 2019 (below 50 means contraction)!

You decide if Some People are shameless to say this (video) after giving us items (1-13) below! We will let the World see how we will make Singapore, our Allies PROSPER and let the Oppressors FINISH with NO violence!

They make us sick! We will let the World grade them now! Rate them like these? 8-D

Welcome to Singapore to see “live”!

老虎不发威,他们还以为我们全是病猫!See Google Translate.8-D

...Lawlessness will lay waste the whole earth, and evil-doing will overturn the thrones of rulers. (Wisdom 5: 17-23) Like this? 8-D

Dear Daddy God, please do this for us. Many Thanks.



Here’s the Birthday Cake for our best Friends who created items (1 to 13) below to make us “so very happy”! Anyway, Happy Birthday or Happy Belated Birthday! May your General Election Result be the same as the fate of the cake!



This is a special appeal for you to vote for PAP in the next General Election but before you do that, please see their track record after they won the last General Election in 2015:

The great Lee Kuan Yew passed over on 23 March 2015 and since then, we let you judge if Singapore has become better…


1. MediShield Life Premiums (updated on 22 February 2020)

Click here: MediShield Life paid just $4.50 of elderly Singaporean’s $4,477 surgery bill

Default risks rising for Chinese SOEs as state support weakens

Check please! Did our CPF & State owned Investments being affected that those “You know who” use MediShield Life to grab $$$?

The MediShield Life Scheme Act 2015 was passed by Parliament on 29th January 2015 and assented to by the then President Tony Tan Keng Yam  on 4th March 2015.

Since then the PAP Rulers especially the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong & Ministers Amy Khor & Gan Kim Yong  have been promoting “MediShield Life” informing all that MediShield Life is good for ALL of us! See below & decide who the Expert Professional Fraudsters are! Beware, that cancer may come back!


Let us share with you what is “MediShield Life”:

It is the PAP Government devised Insurance Coverage for all Singaporeans & Permanent Residents in Singapore to exclude no one! Sounds good! Yes, but till this date, no one has received any hardcopy documents to confirm on the extent of insurance coverage for premiums paid since SG50 (9 August 2015). If you are hospitalised, the reimbursement you will get is also unknown!

The MediShield Life Scheme Act 2015 only mentioned how “demand note, fine, suit, jail & threat to sell your house” can be imposed on you if you default on the insurance payment, instead of leaving you alone without coverage! See Quick Fix in Updates 27 July 2019!

See the Singapore General Insurance Code of Practice, Section 4.2: We will ensure that all the written information and documents we send you are plain and clear.”

You decide if the MediShield Life Insurance devised & managed by the PAP Government fall below this basic standard & what does it mean for all who are in Singapore! We will let the World comment whether this is fair & just for the people!

Let the whole World see the Singapore MediShield Life Scheme Act 2015 & verify it yourself.


You have been paying the MediShield Life Premiums from SG50 till September 2019 and over SGD 2000 to SGD 4500 has been deducted from each of your CPF Medisave Account, and yet none of us know what is the MediShield Life coverage! Check your CPF Statements now!


From April 2015 to 10 April 2019, we have been promoting Singapore with our Twitter Accounts and highlighting the MediShield Life issues to all. Did you see our Tweets?


See the videos in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil publish on TV 24/7 to ENCOURAGE you to top up your CPF! Be ready for retirement? You decide if what you have top up now will still be there after many years of unknown coverage MediShield Life Premium deductions and later CareShield Life too!

Let’s see if the smart Singaporeans will get conned by the “You know who”! Shall we make them cry after the next General Election to take place before 15 January 2021? Nothing physical please!


Daily Blessings to You from Emmanuel Goh & Friends


2. Other Laws Passed in Parliament which will have a great impact! 

Father & Mother of DPM Heng Swee Keat, 请你们把自己的孩子教好!有人一心只想作领袖,却不懂得如何做人!

See Google Translate. 8-D

Read this: DPM Heng Swee Keat launches campaign to encourage togetherness, kindness during Covid-19 outbreak (dated 7 March 2020)

Dear Friends, this is the Person who wants to “break in, arrest without a warrant & criminalise” you... Do you believe that a d*vil will turn into an Angel immediately, loving & caring for you? Never! D*vil’s wicked tactic!

Updates on 19-21 February 2020:

Feel sick of Someone busy appearing on Bloomberg TV & Radio  to boast of his ambitious Budget Plans that are likely FAKE? Quick fix: Switch off!

Then PAP Mr Lawrence Wong appeared round the clock on Bloomberg TV advertisements! Do you think we will see his “handsome” face & forget ALL they have done against us? NO WAY!


Wow, Some People are really desperate, see they promise us so many goodies in Singapore Budget 2020! If they have really kept their promises in the past, they would not have given us items 1-13 for the past 10-15 years! Vote for them & you will see M*nst*rs coming to meet you immediately after the General Election! Too late to regret...8-(


On 10 April 2019, the “Monsters” were so furious with us that they arranged Twitter to have our Twitter Accounts “suspended” as including (item 1) above, we had also highlighted the other Oppressive Laws passed in Parliament to warn the people:

- Income Tax (Amendment) Bill (Passed): New Sections 65F to 65K empowers the Comptroller to forced entry, arrest without a warrant, to detain, search & criminalize etc. See page 87 onwards (drafted by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat & Team).

- Films Act: Sections 23, 34, 34A, 34B, 36 & 37 on related search, seize & arrest.

- Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act 2018 (GST):

New amended Sections 83E to 83J on provisions “to arrest without a warrant under certain circumstances, entry, search & seize” etc.. (drafted by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat & Team).

Mr Heng Swee Keat, 有人的老爸是建国功臣,你的老爸是谁?竟敢来这一招!真是不要脸!

Beware, that stroke may come back!

Dear smart Singaporeans, 有哪个精神正常的人会让那个要无理撞门进来搜捕的人 be the next Prime Minister? Please spread the News or we may end up exactly like this!

Google Translate is here. 8-D

See the new CareShield Life (item 11) created to start deducting $$$ from your CPF Account in 2020. No $$$ in CPF? Please pay from your pocket, unless you want Demand Note, Fine, Suit & Jail! They will do this to you even you are jobless!

Wicked Professional $$$-Grabbers? You decide!

Can you still love them?

Welcome to Singapore to see the new Drama!

Dear Daddy God, please come & deliver us from this darkness and from our enemies like what You have done many times in the past. We promise to walk in Your ways. Many Thanks.


3. Criminalising the Scapegoats (Updated on 1 May 2020)

We will let the World decide whether we are smarter than the “Monsters’ Intelligence” or they are so unwise that till this date they are still unable to track our whereabouts! But they have found Scapegoats who have been suffering on behalf of all of us. See the Witness’ case and the Informant’s case, they have committed NO crime but have been persecuted by the Singapore Police Force! They have started with more prank calls to harass the Witness again on 20 March 2020 & hacking their webpage turning it blank on multiple occasions! Click here to see more details.

Welcome to Singapore & see Unjust Persecutions of good citizens happening now!

Please spread the message to help to ensure their safety. Many Thanks.

The Police Officers involved:

CID Police Officer Mr Pan BiFu (Tel: 6435 7595),

Bedok Division Police Officers Mr Seow Ming Huat (Mobile: +65 90927397, DID: +65 62447302, Tel: +65 6244720) & Ms Diana Tay (DID: +65 62447513, +65 81803474).

The Minister of Home Affairs is K. Shanmugam, we will let the World decide who is the Mastermind involved in this!

Do you know what Some People are good at? Turning the People’s confidential data into public documents and Driving the Manufacturing PMI to below 50 from May to November 2019 (Contraction)!



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The above article is an Unpaid Publication of Clients. We have checked the relevant facts to be correct & non-defamatory! We have done this to gain the goodwill of our Singaporeans so that they will not end up on the Streets to protest or create disorders which will affect the Prosperity of our beloved Singapore!

Dear PAP Government, we would be happy to help you to publish any clarification you may have upon your payment of fees to us; the amount to be paid will be conveyed to you by our Consultants. Thank you.