Can the Smart Heart or Cancer Specialists around the World please help?


The Patient is an elderly lady born in 1941 (age 77). Here’s her medical details:

A.  She has been a diabetic patient since age 40 & has been taking the related medication till this date. She has Hypertension & is also allergic to Penicillin.

B.  She suffered a heart attack in November 2017 and was immediately sent to the Hospital where the Heart Surgeon installed a stent to help to prevent future similar incidents. Since then she has been taking the heart medications which include Aspirin/Cardiprin(100mg) & Clopidogrel/Plavix(75mg) every morning.

C.  In April 2018, she was diagnosed with having a Neuroendocrine Tumor at the Tail of Pancreas of diameter around 20mm. Her doctor advised that she could have it removed by Radiofrequency Ablation highlighting the possible side effects of Pancreatitis, Bleeding & Perforation. On 5 June 2018, the Anaesthetist advised the Patient to stop the medication of Aspirin/Cardiprin(100mg) & Clopidogrel/Plavix(75mg) one week before the procedure.

D.  However, after consulted with her Heart Surgeon, the Patient was told that if she stops the above mentioned medications for 1 week, the stent may close up & she would have a high possibility of heart attack.


Should the Patient have the procedure performed on her or not? Her doctors could not confirm the risk of another heart attack if she decides to proceed  with this procedure!


We need any Smart Cancer or Heart Specialist to give your opinion on this matter. Please reply to LS1965’s Tweet or send an email to “emmanuel.maria2000@yahoo.com.sg” where our Consultants have volunteered to compile your input to be forwarded to LS1965 via our Mr Emmanuel Goh.


Upon receiving any workable solution in treating the Patient & with your concurrence, LS1965 will publish it online & highlight in Twitter to give credit to the Genius Doctor/ Specialist who has helped to solve this difficult problem. Many Thanks.

Compiled on 23 July 2018


Updates on 11 December 2018:

The Heart Surgeon advised the Patient to stop the Clopidogrel/Plavix(75mg) on 11 November 2018 & she is now taking only the Aspirin/Cardiprin(100mg) every morning.


On 5 November 2018, Hybrid PET/CT imaging was performed on the Patient & comparison was made with the previous DOTANOC PET/CT scan of April 2018, it was concluded that the cancer did not spread to other parts of the body.

The Patient was told by her Doctor at the Digestive Centre on 11 December 2018 that the Neuroendocrine Tumor remained substantially the same size from April to November 2018 and as she did not suffer from the normal diarrhoea symptoms, so Radiofrequency Ablation was not needed.

The Patient was then discharged by the same Doctor from the Hospital Digestive Centre on the same day.


Updates on 15 January 2019:             

The Patient consulted another Doctor at the Cancer Centre on 14 January 2019 who then showed her the scan reports highlighting that the Neuroendocrine Tumor size had in fact grown from approximately 3.7 x 3.0 cm (in widest transaxial dimensions) on 27 April 2018 to 6.2 x 3.7 cm on 5 November 2018. 


Same Patient, Same Scan Reports but completely different conclusions explained to the Patient by two different Doctors. We are pleased to know the truth was finally revealed to the Patient on 14 January 2019 so that her family can find ways to help taking better care of the Patient as she cooperates with the Doctors in treating her.


So you see how important for a Doctor to tell the truth, not to delay the Patients’ treatments in order to save precious lives. A Responsible & Reliable Doctor will do that but not those who act otherwise. Many Thanks to ALL the Good Doctors around the World!


Updates on 23 January 2019:

The Patient consulted the Doctor at the Hospital Surgical Specialists Centre. The Doctor highlighted the March 2018 Histo / Cyto Report of the Patient that “...the Ki-67 is positive in very rare nuclei  (less than 1% of cells), however the amount of tissue is limited (limited to approximately 2 hpf)...”He proposed to have an operation to remove the tail of the Pancreas & the Spleen under general anaesthesia. Before this, the Patient will consult the Anaesthetist and the Heart Surgeon on the suitability of the operation.


Do you have any better alternative?


Updates on 1 March 2019:

The Patient will have the operation around mid March 2019. She was advised to  stop taking the Aspirin/Cardiprin(100mg) one week before the operation.


Dear Visible Angels around the World, please pray for the Success of the operation & a Speedy Recovery. Many Thanks.


We Welcome You to Singapore to have a great time!


Singapore loves Angels…


Updates on 15 March 2019:

It must have been a miracle that the operation was completed with no abnormal bleeding during and after the operation. The Elderly Patient is now at the Hospital ward starting on the road to full recovery. It will likely to take some time with many sessions of physiotherapy before she would be able to move freely on her own. We thank God for this miracle.


We want to thank the Surgical Team & the Medical Team in the High Dependency Ward to ensure the success of the treatments.


We also want to thank ALL the Visible Angels around the World who have prayed for the Patient and have helped to retweet our related Tweets. The family members told us that your prayers and supports have given them strength in this difficult time and have helped them to pull through. Many Thanks.


Dear Visible Angels, please pray for the Patient so that she would have a speedy recovery!


We Welcome You to Singapore to celebrate Easter with us and all year round!

Your love and care for others have made the World more beautiful and liveable. You support the World!


Updates on 28 March 2019:

Thank God & ALL the Visible Angels who pray for the elderly Patient & your related Retweets.


The Patient was discharged from the Hospital & now after rounds of exercises, she is able to climb up the stairs on her own & walk freely independently.


This would not be possible without God’s miracle & your prayers. Many Thanks. We invite you to Singapore during the Easter Season & all year round.


The family of the Patient want to let you know that they will always remember your kindness. See who have retweeted our related tweets here LS1965. Have a good day.



Important Note: This is a Paid Publication by Twitter Account LS1965. The Patient remains anonymous to protect her privacy. Thanks.



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The Gallbladder was removed on 12 March 2019—affected by gallstones.

The Patient was transferred to General Ward on 17 March 2019.