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We aren’t so foolish as to let the Hackers cause us damage but please take note of what interest you now before the next hack happens again! These hacks are found to be related to the coming Singapore General Election & the COVID-19 situation here, you can guess who the Masterminds behind these are and you should know what to do next! 8-)



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Daily Blessings to You from Emmanuel Goh & Friends new!


Criminal Investigation Department, Singapore Police Force


See Singapore Police Officers harassing elderly innocent Cancer Survivor here


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SINGAPORE General Election

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Legion of Mary Tessera


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Singapore No. 1 in Asia for adults employed full time (48%), but can do better in staff engagement: Gallup


Singapore Has the Highest Adult Full-time Employment Rate in Asia-48%: Gallup


Singapore's number of employed full-time workers is the fifth highest globally – 48%


Mr Muhammad Hafiz Bin Rahman