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The debate over integrated resorts also brought to the public's attention a discussion on the methods and ways government policies should be deliberated in Singapore, and whether they were effective or needed reform. This is especially because the political climate is dominated by the People's Action Party. Low Thia Khiang, the leader of the opposition Workers' Party, warned in a parliament session:

"The Government sought the opinion of the people but it does not go along with the opinion of the people and it has now made a unilateral decision. Eventually, will it turn out to be a blessing or a curse to our people? We have to wait and see. [...] Under the current situation, where a party is dominant and the civil society is very weak, the people cannot sway the Government's decision on such a matter that concerns the fate of the people. If the Government's judgment is wrong, it would lead the nation and our people on to the 'river of no return', where the cost would be very real and very heavy."[11]

By the time of the 2006 general elections, however, the decision was already a fait accompli, and the opposition parties made little mention of it.[12][13][14] The issue of casinos in Singapore was brought up by parliamentary members such as Denise Phua suggesting that the place of gambling in Singapore be reviewed till putting in a total ban on remote gambling[15] after the Remote Gambling Bill was passed.[16]


Please remember what Lee said forever!


Did you see this? Deputy Prime Minister & Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat later created an advertisement of this & had it published on TV 24/7! See all the items listed in these webpages, we will let the World decide if any of you could  work with these Singapore Rulers to build our future together through “Dialogue”!

We hate Online Gambling & even with over 10,000 petitioned against them passing the Law on this, they still did this and make our economy worse than ever.

This is to put in record how Mr Tan Chuan-Jin later busy appearing on TV to convince the people how Online Gambling is good for us and Singapore! We can only find one record here (others deleted because of shame?):

Govt doesn't encourage online gambling, but 'recognises reality' of it growing: Tan Chuan-Jin

Now Online Gambling has also been legalized in Singapore! With the Full-time Jobs Participation Rate falls below 50%, can   the Prime Minister & his Team please show us visibly how you will be responsible for us constructively?


Dear Daddy God,

1. Some Insiders say Online Gambling is necessary as the Singapore Rulers can’t be seen gaming in the Casinos. You see, the “Ministers in Singapore are the highest paid politicians in the world” (from Wikipedia) and we can’t just pay them fat salaries if they are doing “negative” productive work that drives Singapore to “negative” prosperity while we are busy round the clock to repair the damage that they have created!

2. Since they won the last General Election in 2015, do you see that our economy has become worse and more people have been driven out from the Full-time workforce and are only able to work part-time or become jobless? So far, there is no checks and balances on them to know what the Rulers have been doing when they are sitting in front of their computers or looking at their mobile devices and none of us can install CCTV cameras to check if they are really doing productive work.

3. Please help us to plough back the $millions wasted on such people as we need to save money to fund people in need, Job Seekers who are productive to promote Singapore and also helping others around the World to find work. Please help us to drive out the pests. Many Thanks.


10. Singapore Government Tenders

Updates on 10 January 2020:

See the News here to boast about the Construction Sector as reported in CNA, Straits Times & the Business Times on 8 & 9 January 2020 and you decide if they are fake news! It is a known fact that many new Residential units remained unsold (see item 6)!

This is Mr Zaqy Mohamad, the Deputy Government Whip (see item 12). You want to vote for him?

We welcome many to Singapore but you see how the Big Bullies had awarded Mega infrastructure projects & yet left many Singaporeans unable to work on these projects below & busy boosting jobless rate!


Wow, see so many Projects listed in the Government Tenders Portal GeBiz! But why are there still so many jobless around and only 48% of the Singaporeans are working full-time?

We have been studying the GeBiz Portal for some years, these are our findings:

a. The number of Singaporeans to engage in the Projects is NEVER a Tender Award requirement! Thus the Government can have Billions of Dollars of Projects award in line, but only few Singaporeans will benefit from these.

b. We were also informed that a number of Projects were listed for Tender but never awarded! You decide they were Fake Projects listed to make up the numbers to look good but making you very busy doing redundant work preparing to submit for fake tender only!

Projects amounted to $billions awarded? Yes! But you decide this is only equivalent to massive Capital Outflow that makes us poorer instead!

The entire World knows that many of our PAP Rulers are scholars! The Low Full-time Jobs Participate Rate has been a lingering problem for years, you decide if they are unable to address the Problem or refuse to solve them in order to stave us to death! Can someone please advise whether these people are thinking that the “starving men” are easier to manipulate or control?

Dear beloved Singaporeans, be brave, be courageous and never give up! With God’s help, let’s work actively with our smart brains to find work for ourselves and also to boost Jobs Participation Worldwide!

Don’t you know you can never derive anything good from “trash” if they are beyond recycling? We must improve the situation with our votes in this coming General Election! You know what we mean!

PAP Rulers, no defamation or harassment here! We are just asking the World questions!


See the Projects:

Phase 1 of Tuas Terminal (S$2.42 billion project awarded) (reported on 09 Dec 2016 11:42PM)

Read at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/phase-1-of-tuas-terminal-on-track-for-dec-2020-completion-7660436

Contract for Tuas Terminal Phase II worth S$1.46b awarded to international consortium (reported on 25 April 2018)

Read at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/contract-for-tuas-terminal-phase-ii-worth-s-1-46b-awarded-to-10173256

LTA awards S$1.16b contracts for construction of North-South Corridor tunnels (reported on 23 May 2018)

Read at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-awards-s-1-16b-contracts-for-construction-of-north-south-10261314

Look at the above mentioned projects, it is an undeniable fact there is long term benefit after completion, but according to our investigations, only few Singaporeans are engaged to do the works. You decide if the Singapore Universities or Institutions fail to produce graduates fit to work or the Singapore Rulers are nonchalant about Singaporeans not able to find quality work? Can you recall what they promote on TV recently for Professionals: enter the profession of Nursing or become hawkers!

Don’t you think you shouldn’t have studied so hard to be a professional in your field if you have known of this outcome? You should have studied Medicine to become a Medical Doctor or learned Cooking and by now you could have managed a chain of Restaurants!

We will let you decide if the Singapore Rulers are jealous of our brains, hate us to excel & be smarter than them, so they take these active steps to ensure we are unfulfilled in our professional works and don’t prosper!

You decide if they have been acting with bad faith! Since they refuse to cooperate with you to ensure that you work on quality jobs, do you want to cooperate with them in the coming General Election?


Daily Blessings to You from Emmanuel Goh & Friends




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