This Webpage was created on 19 October 2020 upon the instruction of Sole Legal & Beneficial Owner of Tower A #20-08


Dear Condominium Manager,


1.   The owner of the above mentioned unit discovered that an unwelcome visitor has entered the condominium compound a few days ago. Please do not let the following persons entered as we have informed you earlier that some identified persons have committed criminal trespass against the Property Owner and recently at least $20,000 have been stolen from a DBS Account:


Dr Catherine Ong Wei Min

Mr Ong Eng Chan

Mrs Ong Siew Khim


2. Please contact me if you have other queries. Thank you.



For & on behalf of the Property owner,

Maria Goh

Tel: 9338 4748



Important note: This webpage was created to assist the Condominium Manager and Staffs to identify unwelcome guests. The name of the Condominium & the Property owner were deliberately omitted  to protect their privacy, as this webpage could be viewed by anyone around the World. Thank you.