How to build FREE Water Treatment Plants in Liberia?


We knew about the Water Crisis in Liberia in a TV report.


We thank our Creator for revealing to us the Solution on how to build Water Treatment Plants for Liberia FREE / Far below Cost.


The Solution will also boost Tourism and Jobs Participation Rate within Liberia to benefit our Brothers & Sister living in this Beautiful Country. We have now decided to sell this Solution to the Liberia Government FREE and Liberia will promise that Singapore and Liberia will be Forever Good Friends.


Kindly note that everything listed here are not Offer but only Proposal. As we are unable to visit Liberia within these few months, thus we will not be able to undertake any of the works. However, we would be happy to offer advisory services at Singapore.


Daily Blessings to You from Emmanuel Goh & Friends new!


These are what we propose now:

1. Incoming Funds for the works should be managed by the World Bank (?). We are concerned about the safe-keeping of these funds in order to make prompt payments to the Contractors and all who are to involve in the Projects.

2. World Bank will engage qualified Professionals to engage in the Supervisory work in the Construction, to ensure that the Water Treatment Plants built are fit to serve their purposes to benefit our Brothers and Sisters in Liberia for many years.

3. Who should contract with the Professionals and Contractors to do the work will be decided by the World Bank and the Liberia Government.

4. The Liberia Government to ensure safe lodging for all especially the Professionals working on these projects.

5. Security before, during Construction and after completion will be provided by the Liberia Government.

6. Ownership of the Water Treatment Plants will be decided by the Liberia Government, it is best that they be owned by the Government as clean drinking water is always a precious commodity. The constructed Water Treatment Plants should always be well-maintained and they are meant to serve our Brothers & Sisters in Liberia for many years to come.

7. To qualify to bid for Projects to boost Tourism within Liberia related to the above mentioned (which we will reveal to the Liberia Government later), the Company must employ minimum 80% of the Liberians in his workforce for the Projects; so as to boost Jobs Participation Rate in Liberia.


This article will be sent with a Tweet from @Michael65413248 on 12 December 2019 to the Liberia President and the relevant Parties who have worked hard to improve the lives of our Liberia Brothers & Sisters. Many Thanks to all of you, your good works shine as lights for many who are searching for the way. Welcome to Singapore!


Please contact us (during office hours) if you are agreeable to the above mentioned as all of us work hard to solve this problem together. Thanks.


After we convey the message to the Liberia Government (if they contact us), we will publish the brief of the entire Solution in this same webpage to inform and share with all. Have a good day.


Written by: Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP & the Singaporeans on 12 December 2019.



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