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Singapore General Election on 10 July 2020

1st compiled on 24 June 2020, 14:00 SGT.

Last updated for this page: 15 July 2020, 15:11 SGT.


We heard speculations that the number of votes casted in favour of the PAP should be less than 61.24%. Please add up the figures listed in the Election Department Singapore Webpage & verify please. Dear Opposition Parties, please verify if the figures listed are correct. Many thanks.


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See our compilation starting from 5 September 2019 here, highlighting the track records of the PAP Rulers.


Prepare for the Singapore General Election on 10 July 2020

Please see this video & vote correctly. As shown in the video, use your “Permanent-ink” Pen to mark a BIG “X” beside the empty slot of who you want to vote for! The Big Bullies will be too happy if we vote wrongly & send the wrong guys into the Singapore Parliament! Thanks. 8-D


Dear Supporters of the Big Bullies, please stop giving your harmful comments and delete all your past comments (supporting the Monsters) below all News reports!  Among us there are SPIES working with Yahoo News, we will definitely nab you & publish your real identities around the World! And you may need to hide in self-quarantine for the rest of your lives! Fools will serve the wrong masters & end up in self-destruction! 8-D


The comments of the People on GE2020 can be found below each of the following News report & these:

7 July 2020 Report:

COMMENT: PAP should clarify what it means by 'strong mandate'

The People please comment! 8-D

We will extract & publish your excellent comments!

We have listed what our Good Friends have been giving us in the past & now in our General Election Webpage! Please vote wisely!

Many Thanks for all your constructive & excellent comments! Please upload your comments as we will come back & extract further:

COMMENT: PAP should clarify what it means by 'strong mandate' (7 July 2020)

Our comments: Didn’t the Singaporeans give the PAP Government a strong mandate in the 2015 General Election? You see what they have repaid us for our support: MediShield Life “Demand Note, fine, suit & Jail + Threat to sell your house” (see Webpage & item 1) if you dare to default on the Insurance payment! Remember PAP Lee Hsien Loong, Gan Kim Yong, Amy Khor (picture) had been doing intensive marketing for MediShield Life on TV  telling All that MediShield Life is good for us! Yes, please vote for them & give them a strong mandate if you like the way the Big Bullies coating their evil deeds with honey & make you agree with them & thank them! The next one coming in December 2020 will be CareShield Life “Demand Note, fine, suit & Jail” (see item 11).

Then came the various Laws they passed in Parliament (see item 2) that want to impose on the People “Break-in, arrest without a warrant etc.” in secret without our knowledge, as they have not been reported in the News or TV, but we have dug them out! See more evil they have done to us in our General Election Webpage. We thank all the smart Singaporeans who have contributed their findings in the web so that we could hyperlink to & make this webpage possible.

Do you see those brains of the Big Bullies are unable to give workable solutions to boost the Economy & the Jobs Participation Rate but have been busy planning evil against the People by encouraging foreigners to displace us? See how they have screwed up the COVID-19 situation with NEW 3-digit cases daily. Look at Case 45227 (asymptomatic COVID-19 patient) just passed away on 7 July 2020 & they refused to add him to the death count! You decide if their testing rate is like snail movement! How many asymptomatic cases must die before they will take our lives seriously? Or they have never been serious about our well-being all this while based on their track records? You decide!

From Anonymous:

PAP MP have no say in parliament, so they are all sleep on the job. If our country have so many sleepy MP, how do the country progress? How can be the best policies for the people? We saw many laws and bills pass that harm Singapore to protect PAP interest, without a serious question from any PAP MP. Are they represent us or the party? They don't even know who they represent, then how they serve us? Time to vote the ugly, greedy, heartless imperial PAP out!

From 3SG khong:

Haha, i think it means all turn to YES man... from beggar to minister!?

From Tan:

Do you guys wan more foreigners, esp those from lower wage country to come in and suppress your wages? do you want more foreigners to occupy more space in sg and leave you in a corner? do you want to be out of job at age 50? do you wanna pay 12% GST in a few months time? do you want more censorship and law changes as and when the ruling party please? do you wanna to squeeze everyday and every single hour with multi-nationals talking loudly, pushing everywhere in the bus and train? DO you wanna see your CPF $ in CASH? Do you wanna see your boss changing cars and own more houses while you struggle to pay your bills? There is so many DO YOU, just to name a few. Changes is always better than no changes with this white dragging us on.

From Ho:

Yes, it's true by WP, ruling party say strong mandate, but what is your so call "strong Mandate"? I also can say if you vote me become pm, i will make you a millionaire!

From Gov. vs People:

To PAP LKY sincere supporter...below is a reminder..

The elder brother is after the young brother, his wife and nephew...no mercy

This election is we to pay back to LKY..

Vote more opposition into parliament to balance the power

Save the young brother family...

From Ploor:

When the ruling made so many grievous mistakes: MRT ponding and several staff killed on duty, 4 died while 22 infected in Hep C outbreak, SingHealth security breach, and most importantly failure in dealing with Covid-19, and yet they shamelessly want a strong mandate from the nation? KNN where got such good deal as a blank cheque for them? Do not be fooled again by their sweet words cos more locals will lose our jobs to foreigners, and GST will spike to 12% in no time. All taxes and levies will be increased while CPF withdrawal will be shifted even further! Vote wisely!

From Lcm:

PAP has a strong mandate until April 2021. Why do they need another strong mandate here? I think they know that they will still be loss (don't know what to do) till April 2021.

From Kumar:

I know it means more MPs napping during parliament more push for small room to make kids more train signalling episodes more jobs going to foreigners.. should I keep going?

From adeem:

As long as there are no honesty in speaking the truth, no integrity in work and justice for wrongdoing on PAP then no mandate at all for PAP. 15 years where are the KPI or report books of the Govt performances. No accountability then pap should give citizens a strong mandate to be in existence at all!

From SG Randy Orton:

While our govt. has introduced much more diversity in nationalities in our workplaces through their labor policies, we must ensure they experience the same as us with diversity in political parties in Parliament. Do you agree with me this is a fair expectation of the govt. If yes, please make you vote count at the polls.

From Severomorsk-1:

Give pap strong mandate in 2015 but betray the people and benefit the foreigners. Well done. Come I clap for you!

From Forum:

PAP has shown itself to be elitist. It has been giving easy PRs & citizenships to many China & Indian nationals so Long as they buy land & properties in S’pore. They may even have donated to PAP. Nobody knows. For many elections, PAP won. Isn’t it enough. When one already has it, isn’t it important to treasure it and return it to S’pore citizens. How much more does PAP want. This is not exam.

From what?:

Why do today's MPs don’t have the gumption to question their political masters? 1) they were asked to stand only if they can be sure that their loyalty is 100%. Therefore you need a yes man. 2) If you ever disagree you can be sure you will not be there next round because I observe that the top want to have an easy job in pushing through what they want. Maybe that’s why we have so many generals. I don’t think they question their bosses.

From tn:

Correct me if I am wrong. That means they want to continue to do what they like without any accountability legally nor whatever consequences? Is it correct?

From dogisbetter:

@test of time you shared @use people money to put in relative...”

Indeed. Tony Tan who won the 2011 Presidential election against PSP Tan Cheng Bock by a margin of 0.38%. Tony Tan is part of the lee’s regime & imperialism as shown here.


From  Ivan:

BH, not difficult, strong mandate means enable them to 'ownself check ownself'.

From 12345:

to PAP "strong mandate" has become a buzzword for 100% parliamentary seats so that they can govern however they like; change the constitutions as they desire; nobody to check on them; no need to be accountable; no need for check and balance; no need to answer to the public; pay themselves as much as they like; use all GLC and sovereign funds they way they like (since the elected president is also selected by them). This is what it means - a strong mandate.

From Groundnut:

Yup, we are not voting for cleaning & maintenance supervisor in parliament, but voices in parliament.

From nick:

Err....what mandate are they talking about? Vivian praises Jamus for writing the manifesto and said that he could have written it. Unfortunately for the last 5 years, Vivian did not write the manifesto. It was WP that wrote it. So now what mandate are they talking about huh?

From Pui:

You won't get an answer from PAP. They will just answer your question with another question. Never ever clear. Once they saw a little result, they use it to boost their ego.

From YH0:

A strong mandate for PAP means that we have to give back the whole chicken after the election over.

From Magician:

Many western countries like US has no strong mandate and always have opposition. US has good investment coming in.

From SimplyBlue0107:

WP said, they are not denying the mandate but denying "blank cheques"........vote wisely, vote for oppositions.....

From mike:

Strong mandate means gst goes up. water goes up. no cpf withdrawal at 55. more covid 19 case.

From loh:

I won’t be voting for more yes man if I can. This party is leading the country to nowhere except more censorship

From XYZ:

To put it simply, to give GOVERNMENT "Strong mandate" simply means The PEOPLE, retains a WEAK individual "mandate" for themselves. LOL

From Maris:

See what have happened when 69.2% given them the strong mandate in last GE.

Vote for more oppositions into the parliament.

We don't need more "2D cardboard" in the parliament.

We need more opposition MPs to check on the govt.

From Jacky:

yes what do they mean by saying to give them strong mandate. Do they mean only they have win big and continue with their handsomely high salary then they can work for Singapore. Do they mean if lose or that they do not get their expectations percentage of votes, they will not going to serve Singapore wholeheartedly. I think as a Singapore citizen, even if they lose they should still have commitments to serve the people, they can always take the ncpm seats. Like that than can consider a genuine and good minister.

From Andy:

A drop of 15 to 20% votes and a few more GRCs and SMCs lost would give them a big wakeup call so that they'll work triple hard the coming term.

From Timothy:

To put it simply, to give GOVERNMENT "Strong mandate" simply means The PEOPLE, retains a WEAK individual "mandate" for themselves. LOL

From Wilson:

My fellow SG brothers & sisters, vote OPPOSITION for better SG, better life and better future for next generation.

From dogisbetter:

Since PAP cannot give positive solutions to our citizenship rights issues, we will vote for Oppositions for


2. CPF Withdrawal

3. No GST increase

4. Population & immigrants

5. Living cost & standards

6. Healthcare affordable by average singaporean

7. Public transport not privatised for profit

8. Minimum wage & safety nets for elderly low & no income

9. Haze dengue & other environment issues

10. Citizens first & employment

From Roger:

Strong mandate but empty parliament? I better vote for an MP who will take the parliament seriously. Otherwise they have no business to be in the parliament.





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