Prayer of the smart Singaporeans

(written by LoveSpore1965 & Professionals65 on 25 August 2020) Latest updates: see below


13 September 2020

Dear smart Singaporeans, Never let the Big Bullies obstruct your way to Prosperity. We are providing FREE marketing services for you when you sell online or offline.

We love you and will always be faithful to you. We wish you Success in all your endeavours.



Updates on 25 August 2020

Dear Daddy God, Creator of the Entire Universe, You know we like to share & help everyone that enters Singapore, but you see the Big Bullies have persistently failed / refused to create jobs but have been busy importing so many Foreign Jobseekers to replace us in our jobs and made countless jobless or under-employed. We have lost faith with the Big Bullies and refuse to believe in them telling us that they will create quality Jobs for us. They canít do it before COVID-19 entered Singapore in January 2020 and now they lied to us that they can! Only fools will believe what they said!

We understand to boost our GDP; we need to boost our exports. But we have always been employed by others, presently we canít think of anything to export except to export the Big Bullies, but not one will take them even we want to sell them for FREE!

We beg you Daddy God, please send your Holy Spirit to enlighten our poor minds & so that we know what to produce to export into the International market to make a living for ourselves and all around us. We promise to cooperate with You to create jobs for others too so that everyone who meets us will be Happy & knows that we are keen to help them Prosper too!

Now we will pray and wait patiently for Your Answer to tell us what to do nextÖ We humbly pray that You will NEVER let us end up receiving aid from others to stay alive, it will be a great insult to the good brains that You have given us. We want to make good use of the talents that You have given us to chart a path for ourselves and to benefit others. Many Thanks.



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