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Lawyer Lim Tean to represent TOC chief editor Terry Xu in defamation suit filed by PM Lee (15 October 2020)

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Please retweet, comment and pray for Terry Xu so that he will win in this court battle and won’t need to pay the Plaintiff a cent! Terry needs to be well so all can comment on the TOC news! 8-D

Dear Judges, will you yield to subject yourself to unjust pressure instead of upholding Justice & Truth? Dear Judges, you are the Princes among the People, see Item 3, the PAP Government allowed their Police Officers wilfully harassed law-abiding Citizens (& Business owner) starting from April, May 2019 but till this day, they refused to apologise & pay compensation for damages inflicted. See the items 1-13 in our GE2020 webpage, Pages 1-15 & how the countless innocent Bloggers are still MISSING! People may say this is “Trial via Internet”, but all we care about is JUSTICE must be done! Thanks.

The World is watching & we are determined to make the Oppressor & ALL team up with him “famous” 24/7!


BIG News! The Prime Minister of Singapore is suing a Blogger for Defamation! (See earlier extracts & People’s comments here.)

From LS1965 & P65:

Who is teaming up against the Blogger in Court so far?

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Lawyer Davinder Singh, Witness Dr Phan Tuan Quang .

Latest updates!

Leong Sze Hian defamation trial: High Court directs parties to evaluate whether Leong’s republication is actionable (9 October 2020)

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Leong Sze Hian defamation trial: Leong submits no case to answer against PM Lee Hsien Loong’s defamation claims (7 October 2020)

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Dear smart Singaporeans, read this report presented by The Online Citizen about what happened in the Court today! The entire matter is really a joke! People who cannot perform in their work to make Singapore prosper will do all kinds of things to look busy! Yes! This round is causing disgrace to Singapore & the Singaporeans!

The Defence Lawyer was right by saying that “alleged abuse of process and attempting to thwart freedom of expression and speech by sending “a message to the population that the Government will not tolerate criticism”.”

Tonight, the TV News reported that the jobs created by SG-United are more than 100K, but most of them are mismatch! You need to retrain to do the work! This shows only one thing, whatever they taught in the Polytechnics & Universities is unable to equip you for the jobs! After training, can you be sure that the jobs are still there waiting for you? Let’s use our fine judgements and don’t get conned into wasting time and money!

We welcome ALL to Singapore to see how wickedness will make one stup*d! This drama won’t be the last; those who are foolish will be busy misusing their brains to create more “?????” for ALL to see! Have a good day. 8-D


MediShield Life to increase premiums by up to 35%, Singaporeans think it’s “daylight robbery” (30 September 2020)

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MOH invites S’poreans to share suggestions on the increase of MediShield Life premiums (30 September 2020)

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Is the Medishield Life really a shield against medical costs? Or is it really a battering ram to already tight pockets? (1 October 2020)

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Speaker of Parliament claims presence of “false narratives” being spun regarding selection of adjournment motions (30 September 2020)

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Dear smart Singaporeans, please help to monitor this. You know the Big Bullies are Expert Liars & 1st-Class Professional $$$$$Grabbers. A few days later, they will just close the case, sleep on it & conveniently expect us to forget about it! 


President Halimah Yacob says it is important for her to be periodically briefed by GIC and Temasek on their investment outlook as “both GIC and Temasek invest our reserves” (25 September 2020)

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Dear smart Singaporeans, please help to conduct checks & balances on our Singapore Reserves. Thanks.


Updates on 25 October 2020

From LS1965 & P65:

Do I really need to pay CareShield Life Premiums in October 2020? See here.

See our latest Claims Statement to the Big Bullies. Please add in your comments. Thanks. 8-D

Dear Big Bullies, still refuse to release the MISSING Bloggers? Well, we are also determined to make you “famous” round the clock!

You see, the PAP Rulers told the World that All the Foreign Workers tested by 7 August & All Dormitories cleared on 19 August, but there are still Workers infected with COVID-19 everyday.

The People please comment on the News reports, we will hyperlink them perpetually on our web:

NGOs call for comprehensive, automatic review of death row cases in Singapore (24 October 2020)

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See how many voluntarily queued up to collect the “dog tags” that will be used to track them! Unbelievable! (24 October 2020)

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Together, we have a TraceTogether U-turn plan (22 October 2020)

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Who did this at Aljunied GRC? (24 October 2020)

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Old and gross bus stop bench at Teck Whye/ Choa Chu Kang... Town council sleeping ah? (23 October 2020)

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Eeee all these poop belong to who? Outside Yishun flat (24 October 2020)

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As a slap to remind how detached the PAP are from reality, renowned Dr Ho Ting Fei has spoken up for these low-wage workers who can benefit by a having Minimum Wage (22 October 2020)

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CECA allegedly created a Telegram group to scheme their way into Singapore via alternate routes like Dubai (22 October 2020)

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Woman got hit by golf ball from Tanah Merah Country Club when visiting Changi Jurassic Mile.

The Club still can say no need put netting because wind direction won't blow ball to hit public. ??? (23 October 2020)

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Congrats to the Sengkang TC Logo Design Competition winner!

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Updates from 20 to 24 October 2020

From LS1965 & P65:

Do I really need to pay CareShield Life Premiums in October 2020? See here.

See our latest Claims Statement to the Big Bullies. Please add in your comments. Thanks. 8-D

Dear Big Bullies, still refuse to release the MISSING Bloggers? Well, we are also determined to make you “famous” round the clock!

You see, the PAP Rulers told the World that All the Foreign Workers tested by 7 August & All Dormitories cleared on 19 August, but there are still Workers infected with COVID-19 everyday.

The People please comment on the News reports, we will hyperlink them perpetually on our web:

Making the TraceTogether app or token compulsory contradicts what Vivian Balakrishnan said before GE2020 (21 October 2020)

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TraceTogether-only SafeEntry to be progressively implemented at popular venues across Singapore by end of year (21 October 2020)

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The consequences of eliminating quarantine and isolation at our borders can open up another wave of infection (20 October 2020)

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Netizens baffle with SIA’s decision to resume flights to New York, sympathise with cabin crew on board the flights (21 October 2020)

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High Commissioner says SG to reach out to Indian officials to establish travel bubble with India (24 October 2020)

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Virus, what virus? India gets back to work (20 October 2020)

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MOM launches Infection Prevention and Control programme for migrant workers’ dormitories (21 October 2020)

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Dear smart Singaporeans, let’s monitor their progress & check if these are just empty talks to market themselves. You see till this day, the new cases in the Dormitories still could NOT consistently maintain at ZERO!


FRAME-UP: Episode One – 23 October 1974 (23 October 2020)

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Population planning in Singapore and how it contributed to the country’s persistently low fertility rate (23 October 2020)

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PAP shows “epic failure” that S’pore has 470,000 lower-income workers aged 35 and above, says PV chief Lim Tean (24 October 2020)

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Yeoh Lam Keong: NTUC not only fails to set minimum wage for S’pore workers, it fights constructive opposition suggestions (23 October2020)

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Not implementing minimum living wage is far more costly for Singapore, says PSP’s Brad Bowyer (22 October 2020)

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Straits Times publishes misleading news saying PSP against WP’s minimum wage proposal (23 October 2020)

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PSP’s Jeffrey Khoo urges Singaporeans to report unfair hiring; offers suggestions to curb this issue (23 October 2020)

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Firm found guilty of pre-selecting foreigner for job gets only 6 months suspension of work pass privileges (23 October 2020)

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Important to give incentives to companies to promote localisation and increase productivity, says PSP’s Francis Yuen (24 October 2020)

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Critics focusing on the word “folksy” may be missing the forest for the trees (21 October 2020)

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Ex-NUS Prof: How can anyone survive on less than $1,300 in Singapore? (21 October 2020)

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Netizens slam union leaders’ responses to WP’s minimum wage proposal, say it was meant for all sectors not “some sectors” (20 October 2020)

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PSP’s Leong Mun Wai: Govt should use national wealth to groom resilient S’poreans, not on ‘flashy mega-projects’ (19 October 2020)

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Netizen says Jamus Lim’s “folksy wisdom” remarks detracts Manpower Minister, employers from addressing minimum wage issue (19 October 2020)

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What is “too rigid” is the Government’s mindset, not the laws protecting workers “right to disconnect” (20 October 2020)

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Former PAP MP appointed as counsel for Attorney-General’s Chambers against application filed by 11 death row inmates (23 October 2020)

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“I urge anyone who supports the death penalty to attend court hearings of capital cases, to confront the human being we are putting to death in the flesh”, says activist Kokila Annamalai (24 October 2020)

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Is the AGC utilising technicalities to serve a personal agenda? (24 October 2020)

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AGC files complaint to Law Society against lawyer M Ravi for comments on his client Gobi Avedian’s death row case (24 October 2020)

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It is not in the interest of the public that AGC should contemplate any action against M Ravi (22 October 2020)

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Gobi Avedian case: Lawyer M Ravi rejects Deputy A-G demand for apology, legally requests public apology from prosecution for Gobi instead (22 October 2020)

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Kirsten Han defends M Ravi’s demand for AGC’s apology, says he is not the one tarnishing the AGC’s reputation (21 October 2020)

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M’sian prisoner Gobi Avedian to initiate proceedings against S’pore A-G, deputy A-G and deputy chief prosecutor over miscarriage of justice in death penalty case (21 October 2020)

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Response to AGC’s statement “Interview by Mr Ravi s/o Madasamy given to The Online Citizen Asia on 19 October 2020” (19 October 2020)

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The difference between an adjournment motion and a full motion (23 October 2020)

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SDP’s Dr Paul Tambyah responds to the proposed amendments of MediShield Life (23 October 2020)

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Temasek Holdings CEO Ho Ching places 20th on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International 2020 list (22 October 2020)

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WP’s Leon Perera is glad over progress being made to address risk of gaming loot-boxes as gateway to gambling (23 October 2020)

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Accident caused by court prison bus that went against road direction for convenience sake (20 October 2020)

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Babies are consuming over 1.5 million microplastics every day because of heated feeding bottles (24 October 2020)

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Foreign workers dies after being electrocuted in workplace accident (20 October 2020)

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Dead body pulled out of Marina Reservoir near The Promontory (19 October 2020)

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Lawyer Lim Tean files judicial review application against investigation officers for alleged unlawful exercise of powers (20 October 2020)

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Chief Justice grants leave to investigate alleged misconduct of prosecutors in Parti Liyani case (23 October 2020)

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Parliament: WP chair Sylvia Lim files full motion on issues raised by the Parti Liyani case (21 October 2020)

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SDP’s Chee Soon Juan to conduct virtual townhall meeting to discuss issues pertaining Bukit Batok residents (22 October 2020)

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SDP’s Chee Soon Juan questions Jurong-Clementi TC on why included the soon-finished project in the 5-Year Master Plan for Bukit Batok (20 October 2020)

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Property consultant questions planning guidelines that led to developer using 5.5% of floor space, amounting to $108,501, for air-con ledge (21 October 2020)

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CPF top-ups number increases by 34% while total withdrawn amount drops by 20% amid COVID-19 pandemic (21 October 2020)

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SPP Jose Raymond questions if Singapore Kindness Movement consulted stakeholders, made public announcement prior to putting up alleged racial profiling posters on cleanliness (23 October 2020)

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SPP’s Jose Raymond calls out alleged “racial stereotyping” in Singapore Kindness Movement poster on cleanliness (21 October 2020)

Twitter replies https://twitter.com/tocsg/status/1318886977303871491

Is NLB suggesting that racism is acceptable in adults but not in children? (20 October 2020)

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S’pore govt fines Goldman Sachs US$122 million over firm’s role in 1MDB corruption scandal (23 October 2020)

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Netizens divided over the call for ban on smoking at windows and balconies of residential homes (24 October 2020)

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I just uploaded “Adjournment Motion On Protection Against Secondhand Smoke In Homes” to #Vimeo:

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Netizen slams poor design of bicycle path at Changi Jurassic Mile as it’s too narrow for pedestrians, cyclists (22 October 2020)

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Over 80 students scammed after middleman on Telegram group allegedly swindled their wages amounting to S$7,000 (21 October 2020)

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