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Updates on 15 January 2021, 20:54 SGT:

Many Thanks for all your Prayers and Retweets, the elderly Patient has been discharged from the Hospital this afternoon. With the training from the Therapists, God has granted Healing to the Patient; she is now able to walk steadily with a walking stick and sometimes without it too.

We are filled with gratitude and we thank God for this grace to be able to witness His healing! If you have seen how the Patient was a few days back, you would know what we meantÖ

Next step? Shall we train her to climb the beautiful Singapore Bukit Timah Hill? 8-D


Updates on 12 January 2021, 4:17 SGT.

Can any smart Medical Doctors around the World please help?


This Elderly is a Heart Attack and Pancreatic Cancer Survivor.† See, the number of days she stays at this Government Hospital (located at the West part of Singapore) even exceeds the total number of days when she was treated in another Hospital for Heart Attack and Cancer 2-3 years back.


Hereís the admission record to the Government Hospital:

20 October to 6 November 2020: Admission for Constipation, Urinary Retention & Gout.

29 November to 4 December 2020: Admission due to Urinary Track Infection.

9 to 30 December 2020: Patient experienced Breathlessness, Dizzy and Nausea due to the prescribed drug Sertraline? Patient found to have serious Constipation! The Patient then contracted Urinary Track Retention on 21 December 2020 during her stay at this Hospital.

2-11 January 2021 till now: Patient got admitted to the Hospital again due to serious Constipation problem as she was NOT instructed to take the anti-constipation medication when she discharged on 30 December 2021. The Urinary Retention problem has just remedied. She contracted Urinary Track Infection during her stay in the Hospital on 8 January 2021.

Now the Patient canít even stand† with proper support and she is unable to walk as per normal as she used to be (on and before 2 January 2021). A Doctor told the family that she may need to be discharged on 12 January 2021 even she is unable to stand or walk!

The Patient suffers the damage! Letís see whether the Hospital dares to discharge her after making her worse than the day she was admitted (on 2 January) and letting her contracted the Urinary Track Infection during her stay in the Hospital ward at least twice!


The family is still finding ways to make her improve. Can any smart Doctors around the World please advise?

Please pray for her. Many Thanks.


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