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Daily Blessings to You from Emmanuel Goh & Friends new!


DEFEAT Dementia




Criminal Investigation Department, Singapore Police Force


See Singapore Police Officers harassing elderly innocent Cancer Survivor here


Free Lectures–Part 3


Life-Giving Encouragements-Part 3


Life-Giving Encouragements-Part 4


Archive– Past Greetings Part 3 


Webpage of @Michael65413248 


Is Twitter going to suspend @Michael65413248 unlawfully?


Pope Saint John Paul II Webpage


Pope Francis I Webpage


Jesus é o Senhor, Orai e Vigiai Oficial


Saint Bridget of Sweden


MediShield Life 2015      P65     LS1965


SINGAPORE General Election

What are the Tricks people play to win the General Election? New!


How to build housing or condo units that sell like “hot cakes”?


How to boost the Jobs Participation Rate?


How to provide quality FREE Housing for the Migrants in Greece?


How to build FREE Water Treatment Plants in Liberia?


Status of COVID-19 in Singapore, COVID-19 Protection! New!


This is how this Priest treats his Benefactor!


思高漢英繁體聖經 (Douay version)

思高繁体聖經 - Si Gao Version [Catholic]

CCbible 電子聖經



St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Parish - Mass Services

St. John the Apostle Parish 聖若望宗徒天主堂 - Vancouver BC

St. Ignatius Church Petaling Jaya

Minor Basilica of St. Anne, Bukit Mertajam

Catholic Way 公教頻道


Daily Chinese Mass

Fr. Francis Ching


天主教之聲, Daily Mass online (Playlist).

stanthony bintulu

新加坡天主教总教区华文教务委员会 (Playlist 2024, Playlist 2022-2023, Playlist 2019-2021).


遊聖地學英文 (Playlist)



泥土音樂Clay Music



讚美之泉 Stream Of Praise Music Ministries 

敬拜音樂 教學

基督教歌曲 (华语)

火把音樂 Torch Music


希望谷Hope Valley Worship

Miracle Music 奇蹟音樂

基恩敬拜 Amazing Grace Worship








Bill Johnson Webpage



Powerful Breakthrough Prayers for 15 Minutes Straight



The Secret Place with Kevin Zadai (Playlist)



RHEMA - Kenneth E. Hagin

Believer’s Authority (Kenneth Hagin Playlist)

Intercession - Part 1 of 2, Part 2 of 2 - Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin

Kenneth Hagin – Intercession (Playlist)


https://www.youtube.com/@JoanHunter153 (next)

Hunter Classics: How to Heal the Sick with Charles & Frances Playlist

















Servants Of God


The Catholic Gentleman




Uploaded on 16 January 2024:

The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved” (video) by St. Leonard of Port Maurice. Definition of Mortal Sin (Wikipedia).

Uploaded on 24 January 2023:

Near Death Experience: This Will Leave All Christians in Shock | Journey into the Spiritual Realm (Howard Pittman).

Reference: Hebrews 9:27, Ephesians 6:12, Revelation 13:7-9, 2 Corinthians 4:4, 2 Timothy 2:25-26, Matthew 3:11-12, Matthew 7:13-19. What God said to him (33:00)

Near Death Experience PART 2: Angels Disguised As Humans | Journey into the Spiritual Realm (Howard Pittman).

Reference: Matthew 13 Parable of the Sower. Nicodemus (born again: John 3:3). Revelation 16: 13-14 (Frog type spirit). Angels (Hebrew 13:2). Matthew 7:21-23. True Baptism of the Holy Spirit (9:45)

Uploaded on 26 January 2024:

Demons - An Eyewitness Account (Full Message) by Howard Pittman

Demons: An Eyewitness Account (Playlist) - Howard Pittman

Part 5 & Part 6 of 12: 5 main types of demons dominating the world? The evil spirits use “hate & fear” to pull people down! References: Luke 9. Matthew 17:14-20.

Part 7 of 12: The conspiracy theory of the demons. References: Isaiah 14, Revelation 12. Genesis 3.

Part 9 of 12: References: Matthew 13, John 3, Daniel 12, 1 Thessalonians 5:4.

Part 10 of 12 Entry into 3rd Heaven. References: Matthew 24. Isaiah 35:8-10. John 20. Mark 16. When one goes into Eternity, he will be sexless, ageless & raceless.

Part 11 of 12: Howard Pittman at the 3rd Heaven. He saw only 50 out of 2000 of All Died (around the world) within the 15 minute period entered into the Heavenly Gate one by one! 97.5% of them were rejected entry then! Ended up in Purgatory or Hell? References: Matthew 7:13-14. Job 37:4, Psalm 104:7. Deuteronomy 18:20. Matthew 12:36-37.

Part 12 of 12: The 5 Point Warnings to God’s Church. References: Revelation 3:16. Genesis 6. Matthew 3:11-12.



The Warning: Preparing the World for the Illumination of Conscience through Divine Mercy.

Three Days of Darkness: Is it Real? What is it? How to Prepare






Useful Quotes of Saints (1st compiled on 17 October 2023)

“The Dialogue of Divine Providence” (Audio Playlist) by Saint Catherine of Siena.


On Union With God by Saint Albert The Great (audio, text).














People Get Healed When They Watch This Video! | Randy Clark



HP 14s-cf0038TX

































Block Game


Pages 108, 109.



Fr. Jim Blount (Google Search)

Priest (Fr. Jim Blount) Sees Vision Of The ANTICHRIST!


Priest (Fr. Jim Blount) Delivers One Of The Most Inspiring Talks! (Fr. Jim Blount)


Priest's Powerful Message About What Is Coming And How To Prepare!


Father Jim Blount, SOLT - Intimacy with God in the Fire of Divine Love


Jesus revealed himself to Fr. James Blount miraculously in a forgotten Host.


"Pray for Joy!" - Hungary to be Known as "The Nation of the Smile" | Fr. Jim Blount



Daily Prayer and Thanksgiving



For Children & the Non-English speaking Elderly:


WooEnglish - Learn English Through Story


Learning English Through Stories & Conversations


















How to Fix Print Screen Not Working on Windows 10 [Partition Manager]


Free Consultations to help those who need work




How To Stop McAfee Pop-Ups & Notifications Everywhere

Browser tools you should stop using 


Seven Keys to Long Life with 100 Year Old Dr. John Scharffenberg & Doug Batchelor.


It’s Jesus’ Greatest Prayer, BUT Few Believers Pray It… (John 17: 20-26: NIV, NIV audio)

These Kids See Amazing Visions from Heaven!

Jesus Sliced Her Open. See how He fixed her severely damaged internal organs… Dear Lord Jesus, please come quickly and do the same to ALL we have prayed for. Many Thanks.



Replace Old Bathroom Water Supply Lines (Without Leaks!) -- by Home Repair Tutor